Is knowledge about sports important for the UPSC exam?

Is knowledge about sports important for UPSC exam?

For the last couple of years, UPSC has been concentrating on issues. In the UPSC CSE syllabus, there is not a single topic related to sports so don’t worry you are not supposed to have sports knowledge.

Information related to sports is only mandatory to those candidates who write sports games in their hobby column in DAF as in the interview they will be asked question-related to sports which they wrote as their interest. But sports questions may come indirectly when it relates to other subjects in the field. It may ask about sports governance, or when it relates to science and tech(eg. Question about hotspot tech was asked sometime. But science and tech is there in syllabus). But u don’t need to worry about sports records to name of the Indian captain.

Don’t be scared of all these small problems, if you will get bothered with these small things then you will hamper your preparation, so be confident.

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