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P.Namrath nodal officer – Guntur on Pandemic (SARS-covid19)

Amravati: Guntur: MDN NEWS: 13-04-2020:- As a Nodal officer for 76 to 81 wards in Guntur – West, I have been working by 24/7 during lockdown towards public safety on the amid COVID 19, with my Dedicated and sincere Team of 120 Volunteers,7 officers from various dept. such as health, sanitation, child, Police ,Education, Town planning.. etc.  And also Asha workers, secretariat Admins,

We, being a special task force of COVID 19 team together, have to look after the safety, food safety, hygiene and sanitation, health and other social security issues of all the places of wards – 76,77,78,79,80,81.and also we do tack special care on Newcomers into wards, Foreign returnees, Personnel who has the travelling history of abroad and or other containment areas or states of COVID 19. We strictly follow the instructions of Hierarchy, we do collect health condition of nearly 6000 residents, on daily and by the door to door survey, person to person, and finally random check methods, and we do submit the data to the Collectors, medical officers, Commissioner, Special officers and few more hierarchy. Once we submitted the data, will get instructions and to-do list from the hierarchy, we do follow the instructions and to-do list without fail and without any error, even it takes to midnight also, of course, we to get have families and our personal life also getting disturbed and may get affected, but we have not hesitated, we are happy to serve the country as it is in need, there are many scientists, engineers, doctors, researchers, and policymakers working hard to get out of this pandemic, he added.

I request/appeal/suggest/ the public to please co-operate with us to ensure you a safe and healthy living environment, and please maintain Social Distancing, and compulsory wear facemask, either it is homemade or market available, be sure your hands are clean and your premises are hygiene, and also a Caution to the public- based on the instruction from the centre – spitting on Roads, Public places and consuming “Gutka and pan like things are completely prohibited by the government of Andhra Pradesh, if found guilty case will be registered under CRPC acts other Acts and prosecuted through court, these are clear instructions to the public from Governments for the safety of public itself –I would like to remember to the public once again to create awareness, he added.

Governments, both state and central are working in a planned manner for the safety of the public in this amid ncovid19 (SARS COVID 19) pandemic situation. So please maintain social distancing and be safe. it is lucky of the people to have volunteers and local governance system with local secretariats ( grams sachivaalayam) as its a great asset during the Disaster.

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