Hunger strike for unethical electricity bills – Anil Behra,

A boom like an incident regarding electricity bills in Andhra Pradesh took place in the month of may , .i.e. most of the middle class and BPL people are came out , and demanded to reduce the electricity bill which were given for two months of April and May. Many says the reason behind these increased electricity bills is

Two months consumption taken into single bill, but what officials says ,
The energy department has calculated the bills based on two tariff orders. While the bill for March was calculated according to the old tariff order, the April bill was calculated according to the new order that decides the slab on a dynamic basis based on consumption.

This means – Die to lockdown no bill is issued or taken for the month of march, but how ever , government asked to pay bill as per old Bill. So as many people pay for march.
But department personal and many officials explained this phenomenon like big band theory with out any conclusion. Thus I demand justice and fair play for the poor middle class, as it’s been known that due to Pandemic middle class and BPL are jobless and are unable to survive ,recover these financial losses until next 6 more month.
It’s been three days ,that Mr.anil behra ( 32 Division, guntur-independent contestant for corporator), doing Hunger strike for these electricity bills, until government respond, i will continue as long as it takes:he added.

A hash tag is trending on FB #isupportAnilBehara

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