American Women in WW2 | Documentary Short | 1944

Feb 19, 2021 - 12:12
Feb 19, 2021 - 12:15

hey there goes one of those petticoat soldiers now yeah my sister wants to join the wax what are you thinking that.

she's crazy what the devil's the woman want to be a soldier for just a waste of time this is a man's war what sort of jobs can they do what sort of jobs can we do take a look mister x-ray technicians inspectors of Army meet teachers schooling our soldiers wax our classification experts assignment interviewers so this is a man's war is it wax artwork on every sort of army vehicle doing every sort of motor transport job testing walkie talkies testing radio tubes those are just a few of the jobs they do there are 239 more.

hey you two armchair generals on the porch.

Here's something more for you to think about listen, General Eisenhower said in many jobs wax do the work of two men the army needs and can use all it can get and listen to the women of the United Nations lay to have some ideas on the subject the English with their calm courage but stalwart women of heroic Russia the Canadian and Australian women the women of China with their undying fortitude and tens of thousands of American wax what are their ideas on the subject listen we shall live up the legends our fighting men where did these thousands come from where will the United States Army get thousands more thousands to backup manpower for battle abroad who are the women who will help retain the needed manpower for the production battle at home who are the women who will help fight our country's war Mary Jones Jane Doe it's the idle housewife in the girl next door oh yes it's your war to miss and Mrs America here at Fort Oglethorpe in Georgia one of the most beautiful army posts in the world.

we the newly hatched blacks gavin learned what all the shootings about our kind of shooting. From morning till night we hustle through a very novel interesting life, Not just classes and drill and duty, but all kinds of women's sports and recreation. we work hard and play hard.

we learned that the Army's privileges, as well as its hardships, are ours we get per low rates on trains special prices of theatres special life insurance rates we know that the rumours about the wax are so much hot air watch that one out off-duty rayon or whatever you can get you can't use make uh no room no- let's do nail power no room no lipstick no nails no room no new state no-no toss that one in the ashcan nonsense our hair dress is up to us as long as it's neat smart and off the collar oh no fun all work and no fun strictly axis propaganda from WAC training centres at Fort Oglethorpe and at Des Moines wax go forth to army post camps, specialist schools,from airbase to every part of the United States.

Savannah st. Louis you bought Baton Rouge Seattle Santa Barbara to Washington, our nation's capital come hundreds of wax many to be stationed in the famous Pentagon building and attach to the Combined Chiefs of Staff, wax are entrusted with tasks involving the utmost secrecy here the important work of decoding messages whose information must be carefully guarded and transcribed with perfect accuracy at Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

valuable men have been released for combat duty by wax inspecting mammoth tanks computing ordnance firing tables for the life accurate American carbines the carbines that have cancelled the effectiveness of many and Nazi in many a jet here they also check the efficiency of remote control units and make secret ballistic measurements these are just a few of the important and interesting jobs done by wax at airbases here and overseas women soldiers perform over 25 technical jobs, war jobs, now

but civilian careers later on we are in the machine shop in the repair shop we rigged the parachute we guide our fliers home altitude five thousand feet , request landing instructions met repeal tower two army 3131 circle field twice at three thousand feet Let Me In will you.

I've got a heavy date tonight hmm keep your chute on lieutenant heels won't be cleared for five minutes potential American pilots are taught blind flying by our wax they are taught to handle night raids over Europe and the Black Pacific taught to navigate safely through black space loaded with hidden peril thousands of whacks volunteer for overseas duty eager to serve in the actual theatre of operations the goal toward which they've worked and trained wherever the American armies will go wax may follow.

women have proven that definite values in England in North Africa in Algiers in New Caledonia India and Egypt every whack making the war shorter by a month the week add a minute yes wherever the American armies will go wax may follow to Berlin in Tokyo -

ladies and gentlemen general the Women's Army Corps is an integral part of the army of the United States and its members who are soldiers in every sense of the word perform a full military part in this war there are hundreds of important Army jobs which women can perform as effectively as men, in fact, we find that they can do some of these jobs much better than the man as more and more American soldiers engage the enemy in combat .

women must replace them at overseas bases and at posts in this country in view of the urgency of the situation .

enlistment in the military service should take precedence.

In my opinion over any other responsibilities except imperative family obligation in 1918 we were on the sidelines when the war has been won women in the army will march shoulder-to-shoulder with the men in the great victory parades it will celebrate return of peace to the world

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