Services under ICDS

Aug 15, 2020 - 04:52
Aug 16, 2020 - 12:20
Services under ICDS

Services under ICDS

The ICDS Scheme offers a package of six services, viz.

  • Supplementary Nutrition

  • Pre-school non-formal education

  • Nutrition & health education

  • Immunization

  • Health check-up and

  • Referral services

The last three services are related to health and are provided by the Ministry/Department of Health and Family Welfare through NRHM & Health system. The perception of providing a package of services is based primarily on the consideration that the overall impact will be much larger if the different services develop in an integrated manner as the efficacy of a particular service depends upon the support it receives from the related services.

        For better governance in the delivery of the Scheme, convergence is, therefore, one of the key features of the ICDS Scheme. This convergence is in-built in the Scheme which provides a platform in the form of Anganwadi Centres for providing all services under the Scheme.

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