A message For UPSC Aspirants - Anudeep Durisetty - IAS

motivation - message to UPSC 2020 Aspirants from IAS sri. Anudeep Durisetty sir.

Oct 3, 2020 - 09:40
Oct 3, 2020 - 09:59
A message For UPSC Aspirants - Anudeep Durisetty - IAS

Prelims exam is in 24 hours, and you must be feeling restless— a usual sight among the UPSC aspirants. 

It’s been a tough year with the pandemic and the uncertainty surrounding the exam. You might have not prepared as well as you would have liked. With all the unpredictability, perhaps you wasted a few days or weeks which you regret now. But remember that you aren’t alone. 

No one— not a single aspirant— at this moment is absolutely certain of clearing tomorrow’s exam.  The unsureness, the nervousness and the self-doubt is the case with everyone. 

The ones who will clear the exam tomorrow are not the ones who are feeling assured right now. The ones who will emerge successful are those who keep their calm despite the nervousness and the uncertainty.

So it’s fine to be nervous, but don’t panic. Just keep the faith. 

If you had been sincere with your preparation, practised mock tests, and corrected your mistakes on the way, then you have done your part. Preparing well is half the battle. Being calm and in the best mental state in the exam hall is another half. 

Now is not the time to doubt your ability.  Now is the time to have that resolute faith in yourself and your ability. 

Have the faith that you will remember the facts. Have the faith that you will connect the dots and find the right answer.  Have the faith that you will emerge out of the storm unshaken.  

Here are a few tips to keep in mind: 

  • Questions are going to be balanced and will be asked from across the syllabus. So if you are poor in one topic, that’s alright. You can offset it through performing well in your stronger areas. 
  • Just the day before the exam, ensure that you get 7-8 hours of quality sleep. A good night’s rest will rejuvenate your senses and ensure that your brain is alert and memory is on point.
  • Many aspirants (especially engineering grads) tend to be careless about CSAT Paper 2. Don’t be reckless. Give it the importance it deserves. 
  • Don’t get mired in one question and waste your time. If you are unable to recall, make a side mark on the question paper and move on. Once you come back after solving remaining questions, chances are you’ll recollect.

Earlier I had written an article pertaining to the mindset before the Mains. You may find it useful. Read it here: 10 Days to Mains— Be Inspired

As you enter the exam hall, it doesn’t matter what books you may have read, or how many times you may have revised. What matters are those 100 questions. Put your emotions aside and solve those 100 questions with a laser like focus. Always believe and keep telling yourself that you have worked hard and prepared well so far and that you’ll do well. Tomorrow, summon your best self and you will absolutely ace the test.  

Give your best. That’s a win. 


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