Bhishma-vadha Parva (Chapters: 43–124) - 1st Day Of The WAR

On the first day, flying arrows cover the sky and a cloud of dust obscures the sun. The twang of bowstrings and battle cries of the two sides creates a tempest of sound. Arjuna goes against Ganga's son. Satyaki rushes against Kritavarman.

Duryodhana struggles in the battle against Bhimasena. Dussasana rushes against Nakula. Yudhishthira himself encounters Salya, the ruler of Madras. Dushtdyumna rushes against Drona.

Ghatotkacha and Alamvusha, both Rakshashas, encounter each other. Sikhdandin rushes against Drona's son, Aswatthaman. Bhagadatta battles Virata.

Drupada rushes against Jayadratha. And a general engagement took place between all others. In that frightful and terrible battle, Bhishma causes divisions of Pandavas to waver.

Bhishma, protected by five mighty car-warriors, penetrates the Pandava host. Abhimanyu, in wrath, resists all those car-warriors.

In that fierce combat, the mighty Bhishma aims many low-level, air-borne celestial weapons at Abhimanyu, who is then protected by ten great bowmen and car-warriors, with Bhima, Dhrishtadyumna, and Satyaki among them.

Uttara engages Salya, cripples Salya's chariot. Salya then hurls an iron dart, slaying Uttara outright. Sweta beholding his brother slain, blazes up in wrath and rushes with the desire of slaying Salya.

Sweta kills hundreds of Kauravan noble princes. Bhishma seeing this destruction impetuously rushes to that side, against Sweta. In that battle, both destroy each other's chariots, cut their bows, and pierce each other.

When Bhishma gets the advantage in the fight, there come to Sweta's rescue many car-warriors, with Satyaki, Bhimasena, Dhrishtadyumna, and Abhimanyu among them.

Bhishma checks all those car-warriors alone, until Drona, Kripa, and Salya come to aid Bhishma, who then takes out an arrow, nocking and powering it with Brahma energy, releases it with such a force that it pierces through Sweta armor and body, and sticks into the earth.

Dhananjaya slowly withdraws his Pandavan troops from that side. Later, Virata's son, Sankha, rushes, with the desire to slay Salya. Bhishma comes roaring to that side, against a trembling Pandavan host.

Then, Arjuna, to protect Sankha from Bhishma, quickly places himself in front of him and engages Bhisma. Bhishma destroys Sankha's car, and Arjuna retreats towards Drupada, the king of the Panchalas. Bhishma kills numerous Pandavan soldiers.

The conches and drums blare to mark the end of that day's war, and both sides withdraw their troops. Duryodhana is filled with delight, beholding Bhishma in battle.

Whereas Yudhishthira is filled with grief and consults Janardhana. He consults the commander of his army, Dhrishtadyumna, to change the array of his army, in the name of Krauncharuma, for the next day.