Bhishma-vadha Parva (Chapters: 43–124) - 7th Day of the WAR

Sep 6, 2021 - 23:14

Duryodhana talks with Bhishma before the day's battle. Bhishma gives him a herb for healing his wounds from the previous day. Bhishma arrays his troops in the formation called Mandala. Beholding an exceedingly fierce enemy array, King Yudhishthira disposes his troops in the array called Vajra.

Thousands of kings surround Dhananjaya for battle. Arjuna excited with wrath, invokes the Aindra weapon, wounding those kings.

Drona battles Virata and destroys his car. Virata mounts his son's Sankha's car, and battles Drona with his son. The mighty son of Bhardwaja, excited with wrath, strikes Sankha with an arrow, felling him.

Beholding his son slain, Virata flees from fear, avoiding Drona in battle. Sikhandin battles Aswatthaman, who, excited in wrath, overthrows Sikhandin's chariot. Sikhandin, taking scimitar and shield, moves towards him on ground.

The son of Drona destroys his weapons and pierces him with winged arrows. Sikhandin, exceedingly afflicted by those arrows, flees by mounting Satyaki's car. Satyaki battles cruel Rakshasha Alamvusha.

He cuts off Satyaki's bow and pierces him, by using the power of illusion. Satyaki invokes the Aindra weapon in the air, which he had obtained from his preceptor Arjuna, which destroys demoniacal illusion, and afflicts Alamvusha, making him flee in fear.

Dhrishtadyumna battles the royal son Duryodhana, and, excited with wrath, cuts off his bow, slays his steeds, and pierces him.

That mighty-armed warrior runs on foot, with a sabre, towards the son of Prishata. Sakuni mounts him on his car. Kritavarman battles Bhima, for getting his car destroyed and body mangled by the latter. His army comes to cover him.

Gatotkacha, on his car, rushes against Bhagadatta, who was stationed on his elephant. Bhagadatta slays his four steeds and repulses all his efforts before mangling him. The son of Hidimba flees from fear.

Salya engages in battle with his sister's sons, the twins. Salya dispatches four steeds of Nakula to the abode of Yama. Nakula mounts his brother's car. Sahadeva, excited with wrath, shoots a shaft, which deeply pierces the king, making him swoon away. His charioteer bears him away over the field.

The twins blow their conches joyfully after vanquishing their maternal uncle in battle. Three Kaurava brothers engage Abhimanyu. In that fierce battle, Abhimanyu deprives them of their car but does not slay them, remembering Bhima's words. Arjuna battles and vanquishes the Susarman army.

The ruler of Trigartas comes to aid Susarman. Sikhandin comes to aid Arjuna. Arjuna, avoiding Duryodhana and Jayadratha, proceeds towards the son of Ganga. Yudhishthira, avoiding Salya, proceeds towards Bhishma, accompanied by Bhima and twins.

The high-souled son of Ganga and Santanu battles all the sons of Pandu united together, wavering not at all. Jayadratha breaks their bows.

Bhishma cuts off Sikhandin's bow. Sikhandin flees. Yudhishthira in anger criticizes him for such cowardice, and Sikahandin returns after hearing his harsh words. Salya resists Sikhandin's advance and employs fiery weapons that Sikhandin baffles using the Varuna weapon.

Bhishma cuts off the bow of Yudhishthira and damages his car. Until then, Jayadratha with Kuru brothers battles Bhimasena and pierces him.

But disregarding those arrows, Vrikodara destroys his car and comes down on foot to destroy more cars with his mace. Bhishma then slays the steeds of the Pandu prince and Yudhishthira quickly mounts Nakula's car.

Yudhishthira orders rulers to surround Bhishma, for his destruction, and Bhishma fells the heads of those who attack him. Sikhandin rushes towards Bhishma for battle, but Bhishma, disregarding him, proceeds to another side.

Dhrishtadyumna and Satyaki afflict Bharata's host. A group attacks Dhrishtadyumna and slays his steeds. Dhrishtadyumna quickly mounts Satyaki's car. King Yudhishthira, supported by a large force, proceed against those foes for rescue.

Drona, consumes the Panchalas army for sport. At sunset, both sides, proceed towards their tents.

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