Cultural - Theological Imperialsim and Future of India ? and Finally the Fate of Recidents of India Say Hindus

Aug 16, 2021 - 23:51
Aug 17, 2021 - 14:42
Cultural - Theological Imperialsim and Future of India ? and Finally the Fate of Recidents of India Say Hindus
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On August 15 in Kabul, The Taliban Group Stated That "A Taliban official says the group will soon declare the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan from the presidential palace in the capital, Kabul.

That was the name of the country under the Taliban government ousted by US-led forces after the September 11, 2001, attacks.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to brief media. AP" 

Here is Big dads play Is it hidden or Showcased yet but an Alien Art which Hindus and Indians cannot understand? or Are my Assumptions Wrong?

In the Name of Taliban Attack, Many Foreigners say Afghanis, are fleeing into the Inda, and Irrespective of religion, class, caste and Creed, the Indian Government Allowing Them Into the Indian Continental or Country Without any Second Thought. 

But here is the Question Raising?

Why Afghanis are not Going to the Rest of The World of Islamic Countries? or Even Why Afghanis are not Even going to Pakisthan, there is not a single statement and NEWS about Afghanis Fleeing into Pakisthan or Other Islamic Countries?.

TIll DAte Unofficial Number Nearly 2+Cr Rohingyas who are fleeing through Are Living in the country? yet No Action and Plan From THe Government Since 2014, 

What is NIA doing? : Isn't it a threat to National Security? Moreover Isn't it a Burden On the Economy of India, and the EMployment and Living status of Fellow Country Men?

As per the 2011 Census, 80% population is Hindus, But if We observe some Unofficial Surveys and Netizens especially the Right-Wing Extremists Argument that the Hindu Population is Decreased as low as nearly 44%. is this true?

At Present : The Socalled self Proclaimed Hindu Pary BJP, and Saffron Leader Sri PM Modi Did Nothing For Hindus :

As per M Nageswar Rao IPS(R): The Real Actions Needed from the Government of India to the development of Hindus and Hindu civilisation are "Hindus never dominated or want to dominate others. Constitution subjugated Hinduism by denying parity with Minorities in Religious, Cultural & Educational Rights. #EqualRightsForHindus on par with Minorities by amending articles 25-30 of Constitution is all that is demanded. Nothing But One thing " Equal Rights for Hindus"

So What s the Future?

for at, least counted for Ten Years the Growth Of the population in The COuntry is about 31 per cent of the total population that too under the subjugation of Family Planning and Controlling, But It has its Own Limitations and also Depends on the Groups.

and Now if We add the present illegal immigrant's rough data then the total population would be Nearly 140+ Cr. If India Doesn't have made a Population COntrol Bill and UCC, Then It could Night Mare for Hindus in 2040. 

Not Only For Hindus it's For Everyone! irrespective of Any Variants of People. as Almost All Immigrants are Religiously Disciplined, The population will Rise and Resources will be Lessened and Demand and Shortage make Hell to the Living Species, 

At Present The GDP of the Many Countries like Pakistan and India are as Worst as the Poverty Line in the Eyes of the World.

and Another Side Rapid Conversions Factories like missionaries are Working relentlessly to transform the Country men's Caste and, also those who converted are simply enjoying the Hindu Reservation without a glitch or Shame or mercy. and yet in another hand, the countries System itself Killing and Murdering the Talent of Young professionals in the Name of Reservations.

Some Survey data shows that The Innovations/Inventions /Patents per Capita of Graduates and technologists are as worst as the Zero.

And FInally, PM  Modi will definitely Wish the Taliban great Success for their New Government, irrespective of fatalities. as it is the duty and mandatory protocol of A country leader and the champion of Earth. 

And It's Been 75 Years Since India Got Independence from The British Government yet India Is Honestly Following Colonial Rules and Laws Which are framed by The British Government to Control the Indians and to demonised the Cultural Imperialism and Colonialism  This may take the form of the cultural hegemony of industrialised or politically and economically influential countries influencing general cultural values.

Only Three Options Either to Die By Hungry or Secure the future by making necessary Laws and the third one may only be for the Elite .i.e. to go to Mars. and Start a New Life. 

Let have a look at what is imperialism and Cultural Imperialism and Theological Imperialism :

Cultural imperialism, also called cultural colonialism, comprises the cultural aspects of imperialism. "Imperialism" here refers to the creation and maintenance of unequal relationships between civilisations, favouring a more powerful civilisation.

Thus cultural imperialism is the practice of promoting and imposing a culture (usually that of a politically powerful country) over a less powerful society. This may take the form of the cultural hegemony of industrialised or politically and economically influential countries influencing general cultural values and standardising (globalising) civilisations elsewhere.

The term "cultural imperialism" occurs especially in the fields of history, cultural studies, and postcolonial theory. It is usually used in a pejorative sense, often in conjunction with calls to reject such influence. Cultural imperialism may take various forms, such as an attitude, a formal policy, or military action - insofar as each of these re-inforces cultural hegemony.

Definition, background and Media Imperialism

Although the Oxford English Dictionary has a 1921 reference to the "cultural imperialism of the Russians", John Tomlinson, in his book on the subject, writes that the term emerged in the 1960s and has been a focus of research since at least the 1970s.

Terms such as "media imperialism", "structural imperialism", "cultural dependency and domination", "cultural synchronization", "electronic colonialism", "ideological imperialism", and "economic imperialism" have all been used to describe the same basic notion of cultural imperialism.

Cultural imperialism is a process that intends to transition the “cultural symbols of the invading communities from ‘foreign’ to ‘natural,’‘ domestic,’” comments Jeffrey Herlihy-Mera. The process of Cultural Conquest often involves three discrete and sequential phases

cultural imperialism can be seen as the cultural legacy of colonialism, or forms of social action contributing to the continuation of Western hegemony. To some outside of the realm of this discourse, the term is critiqued as being unclear, unfocused, and/or contradictory in nature.

Cultural imperialism can refer to either the forced acculturation of a subject population or to the voluntary embracing of a foreign culture by individuals who do so of their own free will. Since these are two very different referents, the validity of the term has been called into question.

Cultural influence can be seen by the "receiving" culture as either a threat to or an enrichment of its cultural identity. It seems therefore useful to distinguish between cultural imperialism as an (active or passive) attitude of superiority, and the position of a culture or group that seeks to complement its own cultural production, considered partly deficient, with imported products.

In history The Imperialism or colonialism of CUlture

  • Nazi colonialism
  • Americanization
  • Ties to North American Colonisation
  • Other pre-Second World War examples
  • British Empire
  • Ancient Rome
  • Ancient Greece
  • Related negative concept
  • Colonial mentality
  • Cultural appropriation
  • Cultural assimilation
  • Cultural genocide
  • Ethnocide
  • Linguistic imperialism
  • Scientific imperialism
  • Impact
  • Cross-culturalism
  • Cultural Cringe
  • Cultural revolution
  • Globalization
  • Right to exist
  • Transculturation
  • Related examples
  • Cultural
  • Americanization
  • Arabization
  • Russification
  • Sinicization
  • Sovietization
  • Westernization


  • Christianization
  • Islamization

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