Forgotten Facts About Kafir Kot Temples

Kafir Kot Temples,

Aug 22, 2021 - 21:52
Aug 28, 2021 - 06:55
Forgotten Facts About Kafir Kot Temples
Kafir Kot Temples abandond 1947

Kafir Kot (Urdu: کافرکوٹ‎; Pashto: کافر کوټ; also spelt Kafirkot) are ancient ruins of Hindu temples located in Dera Ismail Khan District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, near the cities of Mianwali and Kundian, in Punjab, Pakistan. Kafir Kot consists of the ruins of 5 temples, and the ruins of a large fort protecting the site. Kafir Kot is often referred to as "Northern Kafir Kot," with the "Southern Kafir Kot" located in the city of Bilot, 35 kilometres to the south.

Sindhu site consists of the ruins of five temples now, after one temple collapsed in 1992. The remaining five are also damaged. These six temples are dedicated to the Sindhu (Indus) River, the Vitastara (Jhelum) River, the Irawati (Ravi) River, the Shatadru (Sutlej) River and the Saraswati (Ghaggar) River.

Architects, historians and & Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains all over the world have requested of the Pakistani archaeological department and Federal government that the temples be restored and renovated, but this is still pending.

According to the district Gazetteer of Mianwali of 1915 the remains of Sindhu Temple (and the nearby ruin of Mari) "are an indication of the existence of a Hindu civilization of considerable importance and antiquity". It is located at 32°30'0N 71°19'60E.

Bilot Fort is the second fort situated next to the town of Bilot Sharif and about 55 km north of Dera Ismail Khan in Pakistan. It was an ancient Hindu Fort with a famous temple inside its walls. The fort has disintegrated over time but the temple still stands.

The ruin consists of two forts in the northwest of the district on small hills attached to the lower spurs of the Khasor Range and overlooking the Indus River near the Chashma Barrage.

One lies a few miles south of Kundal and the other near Bilot. According to the District Gazetteer of Mianwali: These forts are of great antiquity and interest.

Their main features are an outer defensive wall, consisting of rough blocks of stone, some of the great size, and various groups of buildings resembling small Hindu temples and more or less carved. These are built of a curiously honey-combed drab-coloured stone not to be found in the adjacent hills, which is said to have been brought by the river all the way from Khushalgarh.

The area of the forts is considerable and they could have held a fairly large garrison. The only legends attached to them relate that they were occupied by the last of the Hindu Rajas, Til and Bil; but all traces of rulers and ruled are now lost.

Sculptures and architectural components from the site have been dispersed to museums across Pakistan and the rest of the world. One of the largest collections from Kafir Kot outside Pakistan is in the British Museum.

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