Ghalla Bakshi: Revenue System

Sep 4, 2021 - 20:20

Ghalla Bakshi was another land revenue system used during this period in areas such as the region of Thatta, parts of Kashmir and sarkar of Oandhar.

This system was divided into three different systems which include Batai, Khatt Batai and Lang Batai. Batai method was when the harvested crop would be stacked in heaps and the government officials would take one heap according to the state demand (e.g. 4 heaps if ¼; 2 heaps if ½)

The Batai system was preferred by many farmers as it helped them during seasonal variations. Khatt Batai method was used in fields that have been sown and the crop unripe were divided by marking to show the government share.

This separation was done by drawing a Khatt or a line of demarcation. The Lang Batai method used the same method as the Batai method except the heaps was made after the grain was separated from the chaff.

The Ghalla Bakshi system used to collect the state share through produce rather than allowing the farmers to pay the estimate of crop.

This system benefited the authorities as it was a profitable method however this method was known to be unmanageable as the crop collected from the farmers needed to be collected accurately and also converted into cash by selling them.

This method also required people to guard the crops so it would not be stolen or go missing before it was sold.

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