How THOUSANDS of Tasty Birds are Roasted Each Day!! (It's NOT Chicken!!)

Aug 16, 2021 - 07:27

The best duck press fight let's go for it

good morning and welcome to another fun food video today we have ventured all the way out to district 5 in Saigon here in district 5 they have Chinatown which means good Chinese food today is not just about any type of Chinese food but the duck

roasted duck is a dish in Asia that was originally reserved for royalty it's known for its crispy skin and tender juicy meat so I quickly became a favourite among the masses now 80 per cent of the world's ducks are eaten in Asia but we are not just going to one duck location we're going to two locations that make this one animal completely duck differently is prepared on a massive scale making it more affordable but how's it gonna taste

duck two is part of a gourmet bird experience coming in at twice the price but does it offer twice the value we'll find out soon two ducks going head to head that's right this is a duck off

let's go

our first stop da quack this is a large scale duck roastery they've been open for more than 25 years in that time they've slowly changed and adapted the perfect roasting recipe using modern technology to bring duck meat to the masses at an affordable price this is the owner's daughter her name is lin put her there what a pleasure this is my buddy hui yes meet hui a local Chinese Vietnamese food enthusiast who really knows his ducks today he'll be sharing his personal ducking insights I'm very excited we're here early in the morning and there's a ton of action you guys are roasting hundreds of ducks how did this all start my parents actually got the idea from hong kong we went to hong kong and they saw the oven kind of like that and they came back here and they found a baguette oven they just buy it and then they made the rotisserie I've seen people cook in a more old-school method where they use a clay pot that's what we use like when we first started they have two clay pots

roasted ducks are traditionally prepared in clay pots this method requires more skill and attention to maintain the right temperature and each pot can only hold a few ducks and you still need to rotate it yourself and it's much more dangerous because it's hot and it doesn't scale as much here they've taken an industrial baking oven and transformed into a duck roasting monster that solves all those problems

this beast can cook up to 30 ducks per batch and on certain holidays this place can pump out 2 000 ducks in 24 hours when you order a duck how many you would order like one duck just for yourself right no i would share it with my whole family i couldn't finish one just by myself so maybe i've been doing it wrong i usually just get one from myself duck preparation here starts with 65-day old fat and ducks specially bred for this dish how important is the duck supplier very we're super picky about the quality we get we want it nice and thick and plump and if sometimes i would send skinny dots and then we would have to sand those away no skinny ducks the ducks are washed and prepared for stuffing everything you're putting in the duck is this where most of the flavour is coming from yeah unless you cough like that's why you put it inside because it gets into the meat and not just the skin every ducker has their own recipe but here it's all about lotus seeds peppercorns

couple of different types of mushrooms and green onions soy-based sauce two scoops just like raisin bran all these flavours are gonna permeate and soak into the meat we're gonna see once the ducks are done and finally roasted the natural juices that come from the duck are gonna mix with everything here and that's gonna become an incredible sauce to lock the flavours inside they sealed the duck's bottom cavity we saw it with a bamboo stick and then some kind of dry grass sealed ducks are quickly poached in hot water what does that do what's the purpose to make sure that the screen goes perfectly cooked and brown and crispy then partially dipped into a sauce made from cashew oil and honey when I see the uncooked dogs they look like they're wearing little orange pants the bottom doesn't get the colour as you call if we don't do that it's gonna stay white

from here the ducks go through the most visually confusing step so they've got an air compressor he takes the hose and he sticks it down the neck and he allows the chest cavity and throat to kind of fill completely with air now the purpose here is to create some separation between the skin and the muscle so that when it roasts up the skin will become extra crispy i'm assuming this is a traditional recipe that goes way back but what did they do before they had air compressors did they have some poor guy that just had to blow into the duck neck i'm afraid to ask then the ducks are moved to custom-made roasting ovens here they'll rotate for 45 minutes

so the dog is fully roasted it's ready to be chopped up let's go she cuts it down the middle and then right here pours out this delicious juice from inside that's gonna become a dip for later

all right so then she takes the upper section that gets chopped into several pieces now this is the most critical part right here because that is going to be the most beautiful piece of meat on top the breast meat with crispy skin on top smells in here even through this freaking mask are amazing kovid can't get through but i tell you the scent of this duck can one duck two plates let's eat but before we can take a bite there is one more unique offering i have to show you usually you're gonna eat this kind of duck with some kind of a steamed bun or bread like this but what's cool about this place is they make a monster bunny bread look at this it's like holding a guitar this much weight a couple pounds at least four and a half dollars you can buy this whole thing let's go it is finally time to eat let's take a walk around the table first of all the freaking duck there's a lot of meat on there they put everything except for like the beak and the soul that went to duck heaven over here we have the juice from inside the duck we have some fried bread and then we have this giant beast of a bun me bread right here i want to just touch it for the audience it's still kind of crispy i mean crispy on the outside but like airy on the inside yeah we can just do an episode about this it's fascinating

this is the sauce that came from inside the duck before we even get to the meat we should try dipping some bread into this they said just rip off a piece so tear it apart yes look at this bread this is fantastic this is like cotton candy right yeah this is gonna be perfect to soak up all these juices cheers yes

this sauce could end wars that's so powerful my god it's just savory times a thousand sweet super saltines to soy based sauce so you taste the soy flavor yeah is this how the bread is usually used just for soaking up the juice yeah do you dunk the meat into the juice we do everything goes in the chips [Music] am i right yeah that's so satisfying the combo of the juices from here the fact that it's still hot and then with the skin together with the breast meat that is such a satisfying texture there's just something about the nutmeg it just has more fat and it's just like a really pure fatty dark meat oh lordy beneath all the breast meat you get all the not as popular cuts and some of the cuts you're like what is that is that a shoulder blade is that a wrist that a femur i don't know so when it comes to the not so popular cuts what do you like you know what i don't get to eat those not popular cuts because uh i'm the favorite kid in the family and i usually save on a good cut for me really yes what's interesting is you look even at the head it still has delicious meat on there they cut the beak off but you can still peel this delicious slightly crunchy skin off of the head and it's as delicious as any other part of the duck also feet but you never ate the feet either huh yeah never oh then

let's go for it

i like the web part it starts out more thick on the dunk and then after cooking so much it's become super crispy here because this meat is so delicious i'm gonna save it for all my siblings i'm still going for the breasts and the time this meal costs about 15 dollars but across town there's a place charging twice the price for an even more elaborate duck experience they call it saigon xiaomi a traditional Chinese the restaurant is known for its pecking duck

chef put her there such a pleasure to be here this is amazing the quack master and head chef of this restaurant mr wang from my understanding this is going to be a wildly different duck experience than our last ducking experience what do you call this duck recipe that you have here

beijing roasted i've heard that term a lot pecking dog some people say peking duck because they're not highly educated like me

pecking duck is a traditional northern chinese dish at our last location we paid about 15 here the whole duck experience is close to 30 can you explain why this is more of a premium experience unlike our previous roasted duck the pecking duck consists of a multi-course experience in the first place we only have one course this place we have three courses the most important part of this dish the first course the duck's extra crispy skin is carved and eaten straight away followed by a few more mystery dishes what does that word packing mean i think it's just people pronouncing it wrong from beijing to picking

wait really yeah that's what i think i feel like this is something we could look up on wikipedia okay right now i'm googling i'm mind googling pecking duck what does pecking mean search results enhance and hence enhance oh that's what it means sir thank you for the deep dive into the worlds of dunks i'm excited three courses coming up i can't wait to go duck myself thank you so much and he's gonna duck you too the pecking duck starts with a dry blend of seasoning then a vinegar rice wine and bay leaf reduction

then a little bit of sealant a little bit of air blowing moved up just watch the skin separate from that muscle that image is going to stick in your long term memory for a long time where was i write a little bit of poaching

and a whole lot of coating covering the entire duck finally it gets roasted in a giant steel pot roasting is complete it's been about 40 minutes it's ready to come out and would you look at that what a beauty can you give it a little twist like it's at the end of a runway on fashion week beautiful golden crispy skin in a bit of a different color than the last place we're anne looks great and it smells great my god even the ducks look a little bit happy you gotta go might as well get roasted

boom it is our final duck experience right now oh there's not a person here sir could you come over here ah so he has our duck held hostage over here and in just a moment he's gonna cut all this skin off i'm ready are you ready

let's do it

first he sliced along the chest and then now he's going kind of piece by piece taking these little slices of skin off of the duck this is fantastic

from here he's making a roll and what does this roll consist of that cucumber with onion and of course with a duck skin oh that's awesome all right so he quickly puts these together and our final roll here very nice that looks great voila all right let's focus on this for now the server said that this is a rice paper it's definitely not the normal kind of dry rice paper you would see a spring roll i'm told it's actually a mung bean rice paper all you need to know is the texture is very much like a very thin crepe and so it's flexible it absorbs the oils and it keeps all of our ingredients nice and snug including a cucumber okay i'm ready to eat there we go

oh that's fantastic i mean the texture alone is to die for man that paper is incredible it's just soft and kind of chewy and then you mix that with the fat the duck skin inside it's a great combination even though i've had this many times but until now i still taste the crunchiness from the scallion the freshness from the cucumber the delicious duck skin and the softness from the rice paper love it that's it yeah that's everything all in one and this is kind of a perfect appetizer it just gets you excited for what's to come so i've escaped from the dining room for a second to see how the next step of this process is done so right now he's separating the meat from the bones the meat is going to get stir-fried soon and the bone well that's its own thing we'll find out soon enough duck noodles start with freshly chopped duck meat deep fry it in sizzling hot oil

then the nudes toss around the wok with a bit of soy sauce add chives the duck and more sauce let all the ingredients get to know each other and serve boom that is course number two so they really just stripped away all the big beautiful cuts of meat and they left all the bones for later so each course gets a little bit less succulent as you go forward i want to try some of the meat first so this should be a different experience they mostly cook the duck and then they cut it up and they finish cooking it by stir-frying it so ideally it shouldn't be too dry try it out

oh my god super tender juicy that is nice i'm gonna scoop just a bunch of this on here now these are big fat flat noodles let's go for it man sometimes i'm kind of a hater when it comes to a rice noodle because in the super hot broth they get over saturated and plumped and then they kind of fall apart this has so much bite to it exactly the opposite has happened it's got more firm that's what i love about this dish it makes you keep wanting more and more yep there's not much else to say i mean it would be hard to beat this it has everything carbs great texture the meat is perfectly done chef has nailed it this is an amazing recipe thumbs up for the chef

for our final dish duck bones get deep fried in hot oil then tossed with garlic pepper scallions and homemade chili salt all right let's try it out

oh that's really powerful it makes you want to drink literally

little tiny pieces of meat here and there kind of coming off of it yes this is the food for you to munch on i think it's fair to say it has become a little bit drier now because that has gone through a process of roasting and then deep frying and then stir fry it again and then just the power of the seasoning really hits you this really makes me crave like an ice cold beer have a little bit of food but then you want to wash all that seasoning down with an ice cold beer exactly

today we tried duck prepared two pretty different ways and it's funny because like they value the skin so much in both types of preparations yes but at the first one the presentation is all about presenting the skin on the top here the skin is just gone after the first round but they make two more delicious dishes out of it i might have to say i like the first one a little bit more and this is great but i do like just having all the meat laid out on one big delicious platter it's all juicy and it's all at one time do you have one that you liked more than the other if i had to choose i pick this place just because i get to eat more another thing i like about this place is we have people wrap it for you so you feel a little bit royal when you have someone serve it to your mouth you know right if you want to feel like a king come here

being an influencer doesn't require millions of fans all you need is this t-shirt to entertain and inspire at your own pace don't be an influencer be a micro-influencer get your shirt now one two three waits he's like clapping so I'm clapping sorry if I do random things will he do it

yes yes nice jazz fingers you got going on there out of this world so delicious that bread soaks up all the juice oh it makes me want to try it myself it's too late we got to get going all right duck uh that's not i meant something different okay

like you know like uh like you know duck you I'll tell you mother hair do you know what I'm talking about yes now i do all right let's go duck ourselves

guys another fun food video down the tube or in the hatch or whatever I hope you enjoyed it i had a lot of fun we're both very full right now yes huge thank you to hui right here

all right not taking the handshake you can go send him a friend request on Facebook down below we put ours above okay okay

guys, please don't send them too many pics but if they do consider it like a compliment i will treat it as a gift guys that is it for this one thank you so much for watching we'll see you next time peace oh all right i think we should try to find one more duck

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