How to deal with Tomfoolery, Trollery and Whataboutery that derail any meaningful discussion?

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Oct 2, 2021 - 13:25

People who have been moulded into biased thinking are not going to shun it, rather they take pride in such biased thinking assuming that they are more rational than others. Fortunately, there are also people who are unbiased. We need to ignore the biased ones for now. -- Said KBS Manian.

Another said this "Meaningful discussion with such persons is impossible. One has to express one's points as clearly,as easily intelligibly & as effectively as one can.And one has just to dismissively brush off the points of such persons who are incapable of meaningful discussion. As Dr.Swamy does." 

1. Ask questions that stump. 2. Never deride, rebuke or be disrespectful. 3. Do not yield to their position. -- another Said.

By not trolling everyone who disagrees with you.

Discuss to know better..Debate to prove better…Argue to deny better..ignore to deliver better…one tweet didn’t go well of course whilst your intention may not be what it conveyed

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