Koh-e Asamai : interesting Facts - Afghanisthan

Sep 3, 2021 - 14:34
Sep 3, 2021 - 14:36
Koh-e Asamai : interesting Facts - Afghanisthan

The Koh-e Asamai (Dari: کوه آسمایی‎ Kōh-e Āsamā'ī) is a mountain hill located directly to the west of downtown Kabul, Afghanistan at an elevation of 2,126 metres (6,975 ft). It is known colloquially as the Television Hill due to the large TV mast and antennas at its summit. Asamayi is named after its namesake Hindu temple at the foothill, which is an important site of Afghan Hindus and one of the oldest temples in Kabul.

History: The heights are the site of an ancient fort. In December 1879 during the Second Afghan War, the Asamai mountains were the site of a prolonged siege and battle where the British forces made up of the 9th Lancers and 5th Punjab Cavalry stormed Afghan tribesmen who had laid up in the fort. The Afghan forces fled and several British soldiers were awarded the Victoria Cross.

Panorama view of Asamai mountain: The hill forms the boundary of Districts 2 and 3 and is opposite the Sher Darwaza mountain. There are three peaks with heights of 2126 m, 1975 m and 2110 m from northwest to south-east. It is only a mile away from the city centre of Kabul (Deh Afghanistan), dividing the centre from the suburbs to the west including the Kabul University. Shahr-e Naw is to the north-east, Karte Parwan to the north-west, the old city to the south-east and Deh Mazang to the south.

Asamai Hindu temple: The temple is named after Asha, the Goddess of Hope. It is believed by them that the Goddess of Hope has been residing at the hilltop of Asamayi. There is also, Asamayee Watt, adjoined to the lower part of the temple, which has been there for thousands of years, adjoining to Joi-Shir. Ehsan Bayat funded the renovation of the temple in 2006.

Other mandirs worldwide from the Afghan Hindu diaspora are named after Asamai, denoting its importance to the community.

Transmission site: It has been the location of the city's terrestrial TV masts since 1978. As of 2012, broadcasts from here are from 2 kW VHF transmitters.

The Ashamai temple located in central Kabul at the foothill of a Mountain referred to as Koh-i-Asamai (Asamai Mountain). The hill is named Ashamai after Asha, it is believed that the Goddess of hope is present on the hilltop. There is a Diya (Jyot/fire) which has been burning uninterrupted for over 4,000 years at the Ashamai temple located at the foothill of the Asamai Mountain. The Temple and the Diya have survived many conflicts and wars for several decades; this is evidence itself that the Goddess of Hope is present at this auspicious location.


By Kamal Gawri – September 2006 (afghanhindu Blog )

"To celebrate and give honour to the Goddess of Hope, Afghan Hindus and Muslim brothers and sisters have gathered to celebrate the inauguration of the newly built temple at the top of the Asamai Mountain in Kabul, Afghanistan. Attached are pictures from the inauguration of the HILLTOP Ashamai Mandir in early 2006. This Mandir belongs to the Afghan Hindus of Afghanistan and is located on one of the highest points in Kabul City. Founder of Bayat Foundation – Mr Ehsan Bayat donated the construction of the Hill Top Ashamai Mandir. Afghan Hindus share strong feelings and values for their country and are praying for the hope that Afghanistan continues to prosper. It is a miracle to see Asamai Mandir at the Hilltop – come experience for yourself.

Every time I visit Asamai Mandir, I feel so much peace and very close to God. I came here approximately a year ago to see my country and to help out the Afghans. The soil of my Motherland is so powerful that I cannot let go! ".


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