Learn The Truth About Bhishma's Bed Of Arrows In The Next 60 Seconds

After the defeat of Bhishma in the evening, Bhimasena celebrates his victory. Dussasana informs everyone of Bhishma's fall, shocking Drona.

All desist from battle and go to Bhishma, offering their salutations. Bhishma blesses everyone and asks for a pillow. Phalguni (Arjuna), taking up the bow Gandiva and 3 arrows, inspiring them with mantras, supports Bhishma's head.

As he slips into death, surgeons rush to give him medical help, but Bhishma rebuffs all attempts. All are filled with wonder, astonished at the virtuous constancy displayed by Bhishma.

The combatants return to their tents. Madhava (Krishna), filled with joy at the fall of Bhishma, talks with Yudhishthira.

At night, Bhishma asks for water. The valiant Arjuna, stretching his Gandiva, fires the Parjanya weapon in the very sight of the entire army, which pierces the earth, bringing forth a jet of water.

And beholding that feat of Vibhatsu implying superhuman prowess, all are filled with great wonder.

He calls on Duryodhana and makes another appeal to stop the war and enter into peace negotiations. Duryodhana refuses. All return to their respective quarters.