SUNNI UNDALU- Traditional Urad dhal laddu for Health-Telugu-English Explanation

Simple and make at home, How to make Urad dhal laddu (Sunniundalu), Traditional Urad dhal laddu for Health-increase in sperm count, Traditional Indian method to Increase Sperm Count and Health for All, Mental Stability...etc. Don't think about ghee-Fat-bla-bla. It's just amazing Food-Sweet.

SUNNI UNDALU- Traditional Urad dhal laddu for Health-Telugu.

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How to make Urad dhal laddu (Sunniundalu)


Dry roast urad dhal in a pan until there is a nice aroma and turns brown. (keep stirring so it doesn't burn or become Black/dark brown).


Let it cool and then grind/Mixer to a powder. ( hand powdering with stones may result in the best of its kind. )


Take it in a bowl and Sugar.  Mix well. Adding  Jaggery and Elachi is prefered


Heat ghee and pour in the mixture.


Make a homogeneous mixture and then start making small balls immediately. (you should make it into the ball while the ghee is still warm otherwise it will crumble)


This is a traditional recipe for ages.
( Modern: You can garnish with any nut on top or can also add 10gms almond powder also in the mixture before adding ghee.)
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