Wayang story Story about The Brahmma

Aug 16, 2021 - 10:27
Aug 16, 2021 - 10:35
Wayang story Story about The Brahmma

Sanghyang or Batara Brama is the second child of Sanghyang Manikmaya, the ruler of Tribuana with his first partner, Dewi Umayi. He has five kin each named; Sanghyang Sambo, Sanghyang Indra, Sanghyang Bayu, Sanghyang Vishnu and Bathara Kala.

Sanghyang Brahma likewise has three other maternal siblings, to be specific the child of Dewi Umarakti, each named ; Sanghyang Cakra, Sanghyang Mahadewa and Sanghyang Asmara. Sanghyang Brahma dwells in Heaven Daksinageni.

He had three rulers and 21 children, 14 men and 7 ladies. From the associate Dewi Saci, they have two children named; Bathara Maricibana and Bathara Naradabrama.

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With Dewi (devi) Sarasyati (Saraswathi )had five children named; Bathara Brahminasa, Bathara Bramasadewa, Bathara Bramanasadara, Bathara Bramanarakanda and Bathara Bramanaresi. In the interim, Dewi Rarasyati/Raraswati has fourteen children and little girls, each named; Goddess Bramani, Dewi Bramanistri, Bathara Bramaniskala, Bathara Bramanawara, Dewi Bramanasita, Dewi Bramaniyati, Dewi Bramaniyodi, Bathara Bramanayana, Bathara Bramaniyata, Bathara Bramanasatama, Dewi Bramanayekti, Dewi Bramaniyuta, Dewi Dresanala and Dewi Dresawati. 

Brahma is the God of Fire, so in case he is true he can draw out the idea of fire. He was a cultivated warlord, and filled in as a Senapati of the Suralaya/Kadewatan armed force. Sanghyang Brahma once slid to Arcapada, became lord in the territory of Medanggili with the title Maharaja Sunda/Rajapati. Batara Brama is the child of Batara Guru. Batara Brama is a divine being who controls fire, and dwells in the Heaven of Deksina. 

In the Mahabharata wayang story, Batara Brama is a divine being who passed down extraordinary forces to Raden Kakrasana, who later became ruler of the Mandura Kingdom (when he became lord Raden Kakrasana had the title Prabu Baladewa, and was known to be extremely incredible in light of the fact that he had the Nanggala legacy fit for raging mountains). The Nanggala treasure claimed by Raden Kakrasana is a legacy weapon given by Batara Brama. As well as giving Nanggala's treasure, Batara Brama likewise gave the legacy of Gada Alugara to Raden Kakrasana. 

Batara Brama is said to have an extremely lovely little girl named Dewi Dresanala. Dewi Dresanala later turned into the spouse of Raden Arjuna from the Pandava family and brought forth a child named Wisanggeni who was extremely incredible. It is said that when he was conceived, Wisanggeni was tossed into a volcanic cavity by Batara Brahma, his own granddad. Since the introduction of Wisanggeni, who was exceptionally amazing, was considered to have made paradise shake, so Batara Guru requested Batara Brahma to kill his grandson. Batara Brama really didn't have the heart to do it, but since he was requested by Batara Guru, Batara Brama had to do it. 

When tossed into a volcanic cavity, Wisanggeni didn't pass on in light of the fact that get-togethers he was the grandson of the lord of fire. Indeed, Wisanggeni's enchantment is much more noteworthy. At last Wisanggeni endure and gratitude to the assistance of Semar and Sang Hyang Wenang Wisanggeni had the option to request equity from his granddad and Batara Guru. Eventually, Batara Guru acknowledged Wisanggeni's essence in the group of divine beings, and Batara Brahma communicated his lament for attempting to kill his grandson. After all, gatherings accommodated, paradise got back to quiet.

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