What are The functions of fashion ?

Sep 21, 2021 - 20:38

The functions of fashion include the ability to construct, predict, distribute and implement certain values and samples of behaviour, to form the entity's tastes and manage them.

Fashion complements the traditional forms of culture through their turning by modernity and constructs on this basis, a new human environment.

Fashion, or one’s own personal style, functions as a “societal formation always combining two opposite principles. It is a socially acceptable and secure way to distinguish oneself from others and, at the same time, it satisfies the individual’s need for social adaptation and imitation”.

While philosopher Immanuel Kant believed fashion “has nothing to do with genuine judgements of taste… but is a case of unreflected and ‘blind’ imitation”, sociologist Georg Simmel thought of fashion as something that “helped to overcome the distance between an individual and his society”.

Characteristics: Normally fashion is associated with:

  • relativism (in the context of a rapid change of fashion forms);
  • cyclicity (periodic referring to traditions);
  • irrationality (drawn to human emotions and is not always consistent with logic or even common sense);
  • versatility (the scope of modern fashion is practically not limited; the fashion faces all right away).

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