What are the NEWS sources around the world or internationally ?

Aug 8, 2021 - 16:14

The following databases allow you to search through hundreds of international news sources at the same time.

Nexis Uni

Click "Search by Subject or Topic" to choose "all news" or "foreign language publications;". LN includes US and international sources, some radio and TV broadcast transcripts, non-English news sources, blogs, and business and industry news. Use the "advanced options" within "All News" to browse or search for a particular publication, or limit your search by geographic location.

Access World News [NewsBank]

Full text of 600+ U.S. newspapers and 260+ English-language newspapers from other countries worldwide.

BBC Monitoring

News alerts, reports, references and analyses from global media sources. Monitors global media from 100 countries and in 150 languages. Coverage: 1996 to present (Advanced Search)

Regions included: Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia & Oceania and Americas

World News Digest

Key news information every week from more than 100 major newspapers, news magazines, other periodicals, and government and online sources from the U.S. and around the world. Content includes news summaries, political cartoons, some video content of political speeches, select social media responses to news events, and infographics.

World News Connection

CIA-sponsored translations of local news sources from around the world, including newspapers, radio and television broadcasts, etc. Searchable by keyword, region of the world, topic and date. Provides the full-text in English. Goes back to the mid-1990s (for older articles, use FBIS, below), through 2013 only. Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS)

Provides CIA translations of newswires and broadcast services from around the world in full-text from 1941-1996

Press Reader

Access to issues from the last 90 days of over 7000 newspapers from around the world. Visual images include the same content and same format as the print edition of the newspaper. Includes photographs and advertisements.

Global News Sources

A guide to global information resources, including international news sources.


This database offers full-text articles in 6,000 trade publications, newspapers, newswires and magazines many of which are from other countries. In particular, there is a good representation of newspapers from Europe and West Asia.

Newspaper Map

Map of the world with links to newspapers in various geographic locations. Includes information about the language of the newspaper.

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