Bhishma-vadha Parva (Chapters: 43–124) - 5th Day of the WAR

At night, Duryodhana talks with Bhishma. Bhishma tells him that let peace be made with the Pandavas, which Duryodhana ignores.

After night passes away, the two armies approach each other for battle. Bhishma arrays his army in the shape of a Makara, and the sons of Pandu form their troops in an array called the Syena (hawk). Bhima and Arjuna battle Bhishma.

Duryodhana tell Drona to aid Bhishma. Drona penetrates the Pandavan array with his son. His son is stopped by Satyaki and battles him.

Bhishma avoids Sikhandin, remembering the femininity of his sex, and Sikhandin approaches Drona, avoiding him from fear.

Yudhishthira, with his troops, engages Salya.

Vikarna engages Sahadeva. Bhishma engages in battle with Arjuna. Kripa and Kritavarman both rush against Dhrishtadyumna.

Bhimasena proceeds against vindictive Duryodhana and his brother. Sahadeva battles Sakuni. Yudhishthira goes after the elephant division, to rout it.

Satyaki and Abhimanyu, with their troops, battle Salya and his army. Pandava generalissimo Dhrishtadyumna, engages in battle with Drona. Bhishma checks the mighty Bhimasena with his troops and breaks his bow. Satyaki comes to aid him.

Bhishma, aiming a fierce shaft, fells Satyaki's charioteer, whose steeds bolt away over the field, taking him along. All praise Bhishma for this feat. Bhishma slays Pandavan forces.

Dhrishtadyumna heads the army while King Virata battles Bhishma. Drona's son battles Phalguni. Arjuna cuts Aswatthaman's bow.

Taking up another bow both pierce each other. Arjuna's arrows penetrate through Aswatthaman's armor, drinking his life-blood; but Drona's son wavers not, still fighting unperturbed, in that battle, desirous of doing good to his side. All applaud that warrior's feat.

The heroic Vibhatsu, showing mercy to the son of his preceptor, avoids him. Abhimanyu faces Lakshmana and slays his four steeds, along with his charioteer.

Kripa saves Lakshmana by interrupting. Abhimanyu manages to defeat Kripa. Bhishma, excited by wrath, slays with his celestial weapons the troops of the Pandavas.

Duryodhana dispatches 10,000 cars against Satyaki who was slaying his troops; but Satyaki slays with his celestial weapons all those car-warriors, and approaches, with his sons, Bhurisravas for battle.

Bhurisravas respectfully challenges him, which he accepts. They cut off Satyaki's sons' bows, then their heads, with sharp shafts. Satyaki, roaring, rushes against Bhurisravas.

They both destroy each other's cars and, jumping down on the ground, start to fight with shields and scimitars. Bhima quickly comes to lift Satyaki on his car; so do the Duryodhana brothers. Dhanajaya slays a total of 25,000 car-warriors that day.

Duryodhana, to slay Partha, surrounds him and his son with a part of the army. Just at that time the sun goes down, causing, as per the rules of war, both sides to retreat.