How Do I become an Author?

Simply Register at mydigitalnews.in/register and Start Writing

Can I Write Articles on this website?


What Kinds of Articles are Published on this Website?

Everything but should not infringe any ones' privacy, and Articles must come under Government of India, IT ACT and COI,

I want to Donate to you So I how do I donate to this website ( https://mydigitalnews.in  )

We Accept Donates , Gifts , (BUt No Tax Excemption.)

in the form of



Money - Google pay or Account Transfer (https://mydigitalnews.in/Donate)

Do you publish Paid Articles?

Yes! but Editors decision is Final

I want an Article About My Business?

Yes! You can write an Article on Our Website, but It Comes under Paid or Promotional Articles Category, Hence You Need to Pay. 

Is This Website for Sale?

350000 ₹ - 1850000 ₹

Yes we do sell this Website for Better Price Send your Offer or Quote of Price to admin@mydigitalnews.in

Is Technical News Published in Mydigitalnews.in 


Do you Support Startups?

Yes !