Conjugation and Labeling Services market Professional Survey Report by 2035

Jul 7, 2023 - 12:58
Jul 12, 2023 - 20:02

The complexities associated with conjugation of biomolecules and the need for click-chemistry expertise have prompted the pharmaceutical industry to rely on conjugation and labeling service providers

 Roots Analysis is pleased to announce the publication of its recent study, titled, “Conjugation and Labeling Services Market, 2023-2035”

 The study presents an in-depth analysis, highlighting the capabilities of various stakeholders engaged in this domain, across different geographies. Amongst other elements, the report includes

 §  An executive summary of the insights captured during our research. It offers a high-level view on the current state of conjugation and labeling services market and its likely evolution in the mid-long term.

§  A general overview of conjugation and labeling of biomolecules, highlighting the various advantages of biomolecule conjugation and labeling. It also provides details on the different types of biomolecular conjugates and labels.

§  A detailed assessment of the overall market landscape of the companies offering conjugation and labeling services.

§  A company competitiveness analysis of conjugation and labeling service providers.

§  Elaborate profiles of prominent players offering conjugation and labeling services (shortlisted based on a proprietary criterion).

§  A detailed analysis of the recent partnerships inked between stakeholders engaged in this domain, since 2018.

§  A detailed analysis of recent events (webinars / conferences / seminars / meetings / symposiums / summits) that were organized for stakeholders in the bioconjugation domain.

§  A detailed market forecast, featuring analysis of the current and projected future opportunity across key market segments (listed below)

§  Type of Molecule

§  Proteins

§  Peptides

§  Small Molecules

§  Antibodies

§  Other Molecules

 §  Type of Molecular Conjugate / Label

§  Polymers

§  Haptens

§  Enzymes

§  Fluorescent Tags

§  Bead Coupling / Particle Conjugates

§  Quantum Dots

§  Isotopes

§  Other Molecular Conjugates / Labels

 §  Key Geographical Regions

§  North America

§  Europe

§  Asia-Pacific

§  Middle East and North Africa

§  Latin America

Key companies covered in the report

§  AltaBioscience

§  Bachem

§  Bio-Synthesis

§  Cayman Chemical

§  CliniSciences

§  Eurogentec

§  GBI

§  Mimotopes

§  Peptide Institute

§  piCHEM

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