What are the different types of news?

Aug 8, 2021 - 16:10

Generally there are four types of news:

Political News - Political News means any news related to the political parties and politics like Votes, Railey by any political leader, etc.

Entertainment News - Entertainment News means Bollywood, Hollywood news and any other news related to this industry.

Business News - News related to business and top businessmen like bank news, petrol inflation, gold prize etc.

Sports News - News related to any national and international sports comes under this category.

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There are many types of news. I’m sure I’ll miss a few, but this is a list of some of the various categories in news, namely in newspapers:

  1. “Hard” news: Your traditional news of the day. This includes crime stories, political stories, education news, city council news, etc.
  2. Sports news: Pretty self-explanatory; sports news includes news about the sports world.
  3. Feature News: Feature stories profile individuals or organizations and tend to be written in narrative style rather than the traditional inverted pyramid or martini glass styles of other news. Feature stories focus on the people aspect of the story, rather than simply answering the five W and the H questions.
  4. Columns/Editorials: Columns and editorials are often separate from the rest of the newspaper because they are opinion pieces. Columns are personal opinions about whatever topic the columnist writes about, while editorials consist of the collective opinion of the newspaper’s editorial board.

In other words

News usually can be divided into sections, which go from World News to Local News and from Culture coverage to Sports coverage.

But the way news is made and presented usually co-exist in the different sections.

The bread and butter of journalism are reporting when the reporter, hence the name, investigates a certain lead.

Whether they do it on the street or from their desks, what matters is that they talk to the sources, go through available documents or else. I remember once hearing a colleague saying that “reporting is finding out stuff that someone wanted hidden”

Then there are the pieces adapted from Press Releases sent by Public Relations of all kinds of organizations.

So, when you see something like “Harvard opened up new scholarships for people whose income is less than 50k a year”, there is a 99% chance that it came from information sent from Harvard’s PR department. It’s not ideal, since journalists usually don’t double-check on these, but it usually is most of what is run on papers, sites, tv news and the likes.

These are the two main ways of serving the news. There are almost endless possibilities to be explored on these since they can mix and also they can be done in a lot of different ways.

It can be hard news, you can do series, you can write them, you can do video, you can do both, you can tell a story through its characters, through data etc. It’s up to the creativity of the newsroom.

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