Crocodile Lechon - The most OUTRAGEOUS food in the Philippines

Wow that chicken is so fragrant so flavorful today we're blowing right past boring old pork and chicken and straight to crocodile atone here at the Valle crocodile park not only is it a conservatory and they're trying to help preserve and replenish the crocodile population they're also growing crocodiles for consumption but if some crocodiles are endangered why is it ok to eat them I'm meeting up with crocodile marketing expert Brent to learn more [Music] what's a crocodile's least-favorite sound I think the word that we normally say they don't like that they don't like that then can you stop doing that please yes they're like right there good and this is a conservatory rescues anthrax review also you can eat some of them yes follow them we have to make sure that we get the not endangered type of crocodile for eating yeah so you have a ton of different species of crocodile you have two different species of crocodile here but the ones we're eating they're not the ones that are here right yes today we're having a full-on crocodile feast including the incredibly unique crocodile crispy pata ah what part of the chicken is this exactly I haven't seen but first we're gonna prepare our croc for roasting today's crocodile is farm-raised five to six years old and weighs in at 30 kilograms but first they need to secure it onto the steel rod which is much harder to do with a crocodile it's basically like a giant chicken breast it's not going to hold on and so they have to take kind of this spine tie it inside we're gonna put in all these seasonings and then they'll put it back together and tie it again exactly just like pork lechon this croc is stuffed with a ton of seasoning and do you season the inside of the tail - yeah and the grass celery and then the onions on your leaves bell peppers whoa lots of chilies here is this gonna be spicy a little bit you put it on and I'll just like push it in there do some CPR here do we need to season this arm at all literally like my suitcase coming here when I flew I wasn't even this packed after being stuffed with seasonings they add in soy sauce so it all the way shut and let it sit in a refrigerator overnight it is the next day we are here with a freshly marinated crocodile you know when you sew it up it really becomes a bit more slender and now we're gonna have a gross ting process that's gonna take three hours oh it is like a thousand degrees here in fahrenheit in Celsius it's like seven you roll it continuously for three hours so this has to be done manually yes yes you're doing work for the next three hours oh man no bad can we pay him overtime or something my time and a half we can do that I'm just a little concerned I just want to use my influence to carpe that's a tough job it's a protein rich meat without too much fat it's it's a good meat how many people do you think this will feed more than 50 people this is gonna keep rotisserie Singh for three hours and and thank you my man thank you maybe extra vacation day while the crocodile is roasting I'm meeting up with Jane who's gonna show me three crocodile dishes offered at their restaurant Riverwalk home of crocodile Cici Jane yes what an astounding ensemble of food on trays our 3 crock entrees include crocodile spicy crocodile steak and crispy pata now we're getting some with a crocodile stain crocodile steak is deep-fried set on a hot plate and covered in gravy nice what I like is there's some beef bullion on here it's crocodile that's kind of dressed up like a cow it's the best of both worlds crocodile spicy starts with garlic onion then the crocodile meat their onslaught of seasoning has no shortage of chili powder or hot sauce once it turns a sufficient shade of hell it's ready to eat the crocodile is so spicy that the camera guy had to run out the door while it was being cooked the air around it became spicy it's very cool and she's gonna just slowly put it on my plate we're getting close up food shots right now people are getting they're really enjoying it so far let's try this out I'm gonna fork it up mmm the bit spicy but I welcome it mm-hmm it's a welcoming spice crocodile meat it's a tough one cuz it doesn't have much fat at all it can become a little bit tough next up crispy pata it's legendary in the Philippines pork hock fried until crispy and irresistible today we're doing it with a crock hock deep fried for about five minutes [Music] yeah from the rear hop okay and it's been frying Oh for a good amount of time did you see that can I bring this home so I'm gonna tear off some of this meat right here oh that was nice steaming hot crispy I'm gonna throw it into some of that sauce there and let's try some of this crocodile pod my favorite Nutrition Facts Taco Bell is low in calories it's a good meat so you can eat a ton of it obviously you can see just tremendously crunchy on the outside but the arms actually have a good amount of kind of sinuous fat in there that make it a bit softer reptiles and birds are closely related in a lot of ways it's like the arms of the crocodile are a little bit like dark meats.

is that possible is this an evolutionary discovery we can tackle that later yeah let's tackle that later completely unique I never would have imagined this was a real thing you've absolutely murdered it well you know what I mean nailed it you nailed it they also murdered this crocodile finally after our long wait it's time to check in on our crocodile let's show the whole crocodile is beautifully roasted it's ready to come off what is the best part of the crocodile the most recommended part of the Benny closests that we can get from the spices inside so from here we're just gonna pull it off right yes so right now we're transferring the big old croc yeah yeah buddy.

so we're gonna cut the strings before jumping in they cut off some of the strings and pull out the steel rod that is a clean removal we're digging in right away we're taking off the hindquarter to each default the crocodile Paul oh we're gonna eat the paw I know start with the paw I think it's good luck crocodile arm the back won't like the back leg you can tear it okay so I'm gonna just tear off the hand like it is not on the skin the skin can be used for making wallets belts and so on but the skin that remains can be eaten and shared with friends peel the skin off just like that now listen I would feel so selfish to eat this alone I got a piece for you yeah that's right I'm ripping off this other piece of skin here from the hand and let's just jump into it Cheers that's really tasty I did not expect that.

that is out there Kristine gelatinous it's got some like firm gooeyness to it tell me that's good for a men's stamina or something now we're gonna dig into the most delicious part yeah the belly part or the crocodile's all the seasonings have soaked in the meat there we're gonna have a nice reveal here in a second and you've been seeing all those beautiful spices we put in there previously and the aroma this steam coming out here it's like a Vietnamese sauna it's nice lemongrass beautiful fresh cut of crocodile belly that looks tasty golden reddish orange on the outside the moment of truth the roasted crocodile it's shown let's go point mmm that's changed to him it's somewhere between chicken and fish he's got some chicken ooh texture a little bit of fish flavor too bit firm so tough but it's not bad completely unlike anything else I've ever had I mean it's a whole freakin crocodile are you guys hungry .

I'm honored that Davao Crocodile Park roasted this croc serving up this unbelievably unique experience just for us so the least I can do is share with some visitors and get their thoughts to trying crocodile atone for the first time wanting to get one of those little toothpicks and I didn't cook this one so you can't sue me or anything if you don't like it we have a close-up camera on your face right now every emotion you feel will be revealed to people watching what do you think definitely anything it's just with that presence of the head of different for them but I like the things okay the big moment and you can tell us your honest feelings they made this quite firm yeah it's very delicious yeah especially with the sauce wow what a moment first time having crop it out of it showing it tasted by it

no sorry it tastes like a lizard how many lizards have you eaten oh not me now we're farming the mountain no I'm one little disheartened I've never had that again this is my first time to taste for all day what is the taste it's good just like the giant monitor lizards you eat back home yes that's something we can all relate to I here at de Vaca dog park I've tried crocodile ice cream and now crocodile atone if you want me to try crocodile eggs in the future video let me know in the comments down below

thank you so much for watching

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