Earn Money through Test Websites and Give Feedback

Earn Money through Test Websites and Give Feedback

Test Websites and Give Feedback

If you have basic technical skills and a keen eye for website design and development, consider becoming a website tester.

Testing websites is one of the best freelance jobs to make fast cash. Plus, website testing jobs make for a good starting point for newbies looking to enter the web development industry.

The payment is project-based, meaning that you will get paid after completing the required task. However, the pay rate differs based on the testing method and the marketplace’s policy.

For example, UserTesting offers $10 for each completed test and $120 for a call with a client. Becoming a website tester requires critical and logical thinking.

Having excellent communication skills and knowledge of website functionality and design also helps improve your test reporting quality.

Some of the marketplaces that offer website testing projects are:

  • Ubertesters – focus on mobile apps and game testing.
  • UserTesting – offers usability testing projects.
  • Testbirds – for digital products, including eCommerce stores, chatbots, and games.
  • Userlytics – in addition to testing websites and apps, it offers projects focusing on reviewing video commercials.
  • TryMyUI – impression testing and survey-based projects.