EXOTIC Vietnamese food tour! SUPER RARE street food of Hanoi Vietnam

Mar 6, 2021 - 18:23
Mar 6, 2021 - 18:23

promise you if you can get past some of the initial visual shock they actually taste good we are on a rare food mission I'm with my man hook and we are headed to our first location right over here and let me let me show you this place I heard about two rare food number one starts off with a bang we've all heard of the Vietnamese Street food van but this next place is spicing up their dipping sauce with an unexpected dinner guest all right so it just looks like some normal Street food people eat this all the time in the NOI you usually eat it with some kind of fish sauce of half the sambar there's a secret ingredient in this one and it's not more fish I'm gonna show you right now pine cone is a classic Hanoian Street food steamed rice batter filled with minced pork and wood ear mushroom and topped with fried onions nothing unusual here until we get to the dipping sauce and it's buns yes this particular bond shop customers can order a drop of fragrant extract to pair with their typical fish sauce but this 25 cent add-on is extracted from a giant waterbug what they do evidently it's a chop off this bone oh it's warm they mix it with the fish sauce and then they take out all the bug parts because no one wants a little like bug legs and anuses and their sauce okay and then and then you eat it so it adds some kind of special flavor oh she's gonna do it here and some lunch and a head she put so she cuts a head off right into the sauce and

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