Interesting Facts About The Indian Army SARVOCH BALIDAN in year 2021- colonel viplav tripathi

Besides colonel viplav tripathi the other martyred soldiers included Rfn Suman Swargiari, Rfn Khatnei Konyak, Rfn RP Meena and Rfn Shyamal Das.

May 20, 2022 - 16:23
Interesting Facts About The Indian Army  SARVOCH BALIDAN in year 2021- colonel viplav tripathi
colonel viplav tripathi

Colonel Viplav Tripathi hailed from Raigarh district in Chattisgarh and was born on 20 May 1980. Son of Shri Subhash Tripathi and Smt Asha Tripathi, he had a younger brother Anay Tripathi as his sibling.

colonel viplav tripathi did his initial schooling in Raigarh and then moved to study at Sainik School Rewa, in Madhya Pradesh. It is at this school that the foundation of his future military career was laid. He was inclined to join the armed forces since his childhood and this passion grew along with his age.

colonel viplav tripathi's father a senior journalist and editor of the local Hindi daily 'Dainik Bayar' and mother Asha Tripathi a librarian also encouraged him to follow his dream. He was also inspired by his grandfather Kishori Mohan Tripathi who was a freedom fighter, a member of the Indian Constitution Draft Committee and also the first MP from Raigarh-Surguja in 1951.

Eventually, he got selected to join the NDA after his schooling and later moved to IMA Dehradun for further training. He passed out from IMA as a Lieutenant in the year 2001 at the age of 21 years.

colonel viplav tripathi was commissioned into the Kumaon Regiment, an infantry Regiment known for its valour and battle honours in various operations. After serving for a few years, he got married to Ms Anuja and the couple had a son Abir. Later he also completed his staff course at the prestigious Defence Service Staff College (DSSC) Wellington.

By the year 2021, he had completed about 20 years of service and had been promoted to the rank of Colonel. Manipur ambush: 13 Nov 2021 During Nov 2021, Col Viplav Tripathi was serving as the Commanding Officer of 46 Assam Rif battalion, deployed in Manipur for counter-insurgency operations.

There had been increased militant activity in the border region of Manipur since the early part of the year 2021 and in response to this, the Army and paramilitary forces had been conducting coordinated operations along the 1,643-km of an unfenced border between Manipur and Myanmar.

On 13 Nov 2021, colonel viplav Tripathi was returning to his battalion headquarters at Khuga after a visit to his unit's forward operating base in the Behiang area near the India-Myanmar border.

colonel viplav Tripathi was moving in a four-vehicle convoy along with his family and soldiers of the quick reaction team.

However, as the convoy reached Sehkan village in the Churachandpur district of Manipur, the militants of PLA (People's Liberation Army) and MNPF (Manipur Naga People's Front) launched a surprise attack in a pre-planned move.

At around 1030 hrs in the morning, the militants first detonated an IED and followed it up with indiscriminate firing from vantage points in the surrounding forested area.

The attack was very sudden and devastating, giving no time for the soldiers to take any action. Consequently, colonel viplav tripathi, his wife Smt Anuja, son Abir and four other soldiers lost their lives in this dastardly attack.

Besides colonel viplav tripathi the other martyred soldiers included Rfn Suman Swargiari, Rfn Khatnei Konyak, Rfn RP Meena and Rfn Shyamal Das.

colonel viplav Tripathi was a gallant soldier and fine officer who laid down his life in the line of his duty. Col Viplav Tripathi is survived by his father Shri Subhash Tripathi, mother Smt Asha Tripathi and younger brother Lt Col Anay Tripathi. 

Fine officer, josh machine, thorough gentleman, never angry. These impressions will forever be etched in the memory of those who worked with Colonel Viplav Tripathi and even those like me who met him briefly.

An Officer colleague said I met Colonel Tripathi during an assignment in Mizoram earlier this year. Commanding Officer of the 46 Assam Rifles, he was always smiling and ever helpful, getting us everything we needed to do our story. Whether it was data on illegal smuggling along the Mizoram-Myanmar border or the training manual for women personnel of the Assam Rifles, Colonel Tripathi had all the information at his fingertips and relayed it effortlessly. The Colonel’s death in a militant ambush in Manipur’s Sehkan village comes as a huge blow to both the Assam Rifles and the Indian Army. The attack, suspected to have been carried out by militants from the separatist group People’s Liberation Army or the People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK), also claimed the lives of his wife and six-year-old son along with four soldiers.

An Army officer who had been working closely with Colonel Tripathi recalled him as a “josh machine”, who was capable of performing extremely well under stress, a thorough gentleman and a professional. “Being the garrison battalion CO, he always displayed positivity throughout and had our complete faith. He was highly dependable and a task given to him could be forgotten because we knew he will handle it,” the officer said.

“I don’t remember seeing him angry ever. He had an ever-smiling face and was an exemplary personality. He was a good soldier, husband and father. His death has put an irreparable dent in the organisation,” the officer added.

Another senior Army officer serving in Assam Rifles who also worked with the Colonel said the highly capable officer was always cheerful and never under stress even in the most difficult of situations. “Being the garrison battalion commander, he was always by my side. My faith in him was unwavering and he never let me down,” he said.

The Colonel’s WhatsApp status, perhaps, best captured his spirit – ‘Life Will Be Lived Henceforth’.

‘Was at the forefront of anti-smuggling ops’

Colonel Viplav Tripathi had been serving in Mizoram till July this year before he moved to Khuga in Manipur’s Churachandpur district. During his tenure in Mizoram, the battalion he led was at the forefront in border management, thwarting illegal smuggling along the Indo-Myanmar Border and the hinterland.

In this period, his battalion had also recovered several weapons and war-like stores which could have landed in the hands of anti-national elements, thus avoiding major casualties, said sources in Assam Rifles. Colonel Viplav through his remarkable endeavors had bonded closely with the locals of Mizoram.

The anti-drug campaign conducted by his battalion in January 2021 received several laurels and praise. The officer played a crucial role in creating awareness across the entire state, including the remote villages of Mizoram to guide the youth in the right direction.

The death of the energetic and proactive officer has left the troops of Assam Rifles in grief. “His absence will be felt closely and his goodwill for the society will last an eternity and will be felt by the organisation and in each and every person of Aizawl and Khuga," said an officer in Assam Rifles.

‘Families are never targeted’

The incident has left the defence establishment shocked, particularly because this area at the Manipur-Mizoram border has seen relative peace in the last four years, and also because it is a rare instance where the family of an officer was targeted by a Manipur-based insurgent group. “This is new. Families are never targeted,” a senior Army officer said.

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