Life inside a Taliban town as insurgence in Afghanistan continues

Aug 13, 2021 - 11:34
Aug 16, 2021 - 17:28
Life inside a Taliban town as insurgence in Afghanistan continues

New Territory, New Weapons all captured in this unprecedented Taliban advance caught in the middle afghan families right across the country how can you justify all this fighting when it's causing the deaths of thousands of or afghans thousands of ordinary Muslims shortly after the interview ends the sound of helicopters the Taliban are still vulnerable to government airstrikes this is baulk a town with ancient roots,

thought to be the birthplace of one of Islam's best-known mystic poets Rumi now it's under Taliban control we came through here a little earlier this year back then it was still under government control.

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Now it's one of around 200 district centres taken by the Taliban the market is still busy women have apparently been allowed to come here without male companions if they need to but elsewhere.

Taliban commanders have reportedly banned them is a local Taliban leader despite what I've been told he insists they haven't made the burka compulsory but you've also said that women have to wear the burka the chada that's right isn't it foreign [.

The next day a young woman was killed close by allegedly for wearing immodest clothing the Taliban denied involvement they seemed to want to play down their more hard-line views internationally.

But at times they're in tune with some conservative afghans many here praise improved security accompanied by Taliban fighters at all times.

It's hard to know what residents really think having already captured many rural areas and some border crossings the Taliban are now pushing in on afghan cities half an hour's drive away in Mazari Sharif the government is still in control.

there's a greater sense of personal freedom here that it's hard to imagine the Taliban accepting back in the bulk district the insurgents are formalizing their own rival government taking over official buildings schools are open though in other areas.

Girls are reportedly prevented from attending street cleaners and some bureaucrats still turn up for work they're overseen by a Taliban mayor he used to be in charge of ammunition supplies now it's tax so all the money you're collecting though that's being used to fund the war right

At the local radio station, the Taliban have asserted their authority to banning non-Islamic music being played in public. I heard that members of the Taliban here caught one man listening to music and to punish him made him walk without any shoes on until he fainted even if you didn't order that.

That's what some members of the Taliban did to this man the Taliban want to resurrect their practice of brutal punishments they insist they were not responsible for this flogging supposedly filmed last year.

But they did recently hang two-child kidnappers in public on the steps of the government's old courthouse in bulk the Taliban's legal system is in force for many the Taliban's brutal forms of justice is what scares them the most about the group but for others, they at least offer a swifter resolution than the notoriously corrupt government courtship the judge here says he's never ordered serious corporal punishment

And that there's a system of appeal courts but he defends stoning adulterers and cutting the hands of thieves what's the punishment for adultery many people here in Afghanistan and around the world would be horrified at the idea of a society where hands are cut women are stoned to death.

The new territory on an almost daily basis they're still facing fierce resistance but they vow to install what they term an Islamic government if that doesn't come through the stored peace process they say it will come through more violence.

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