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let us know something more about the Stars, every night as you go out you see a lot of stars in the sky right so what exactly is a star a star is basically nothing but a celestial body okay and these celestial body the good quality about them is that they are big plus they are hot and effectively although it's not an equal to sign basically this is as an arrow effectively they have their own which means what their own heat and light so if we talk about the moon the moon does not have the heat or light of its own it is dependent on the Sun for its heat and light so the moon is basically a satellite.

but if we talk about the stars they have their own heat they have their own light they are pretty big in size and they are very hot as well.  now because these are very far away from the earth, so they appear small in size if actually, you see their sizes might be much much much larger than that of a moon. now I told you that they have heat and light of their own and there is a large amount of light that they emit do you know what is there in our solar system which emits light it is the Sun. the Sun emits a lot of light and therefore even son,

if you know is a star, 

Even Sun is a star now today you have a large number of things if you want to trace directions right in ancient times when these things were not there so you have google maps today that can be used to identify directions and look at places but in ancient time when these things were not available or compasses were not available right what you people used to do was they used to watch out for stars to see the direction,

so one such interesting thing is, there is something which is called a subtree she or a small bear pattern. so people used to see what are the patterns of the star, and these patterns were used to identify the direction if we look at the sub-three sheet or something like this you know so effectively you had a star here true then you had started here three four five six seven. these stars used to form something like this kind of a pattern and then if you are standing here facing north so your face should be towards not so if you see this would go and it will kind of coincide over here with the North Star and to identify directions people used to watch out for these stars right this is one star which remains at the same position and together.

if i call this particular thing where we have these seven stars a group of stars okay more than one star which form a particular pattern , if a pattern is formed so let's say in this case as i told you the pattern is something like this what exactly is it right these patterns which a group of star formed were known as constellation and the small beer or the subtree she in Hindi is one of the such famous constellations right couple of interesting things about starting you want to quickly recapitulate okay the stars have Sun as one of the stars okay they are big they are hot they have lights of their own let me use a different colour they beg the hot they have a light of n heat of their own they emit a lot of light and the coolest example of this is Sun it's very hot although they were used to identify directions right in ancient times when google maps and compasses were not there and whenever they form a pattern that pot pattern is known as constellations I hope this knowledge will be useful for you guys about stars thank you for being with us today