Traits -Ethics -UPSC

What are the most common Positive character traits for the workplace? 

Mar 11, 2021 - 00:57
Traits -Ethics -UPSC
Traits -Ethics -UPSC, positive trait, negative trait, appsc
Adventurous:  I take risks.
Ambitious:  I am driven to succeed.
Approachable:  I work well with others.
Articulate:  I can express myself well in front of groups.
Autonomous:  I use initiative.
Calm:  I stay levelheaded in a crisis.
Charismatic:  I can be a leader when need be.
Cheerful:  I develop a positive work environment.
Clever:  I can juggle multiple tasks.
Competitive:   I thrive under pressure.
Confident:  I am not afraid to ask questions.
Cooperative:  I get along well in a team setting.
Courteous:  I care about the workplace atmosphere.
Creative:  I think outside the box.
Curiosity:  I am eager to learn.              
Determined:   I am self-motivated.
Devoted:  I am committed to the company’s success. 
Diligent:   I always work my hardest.
Easygoing:  I easily adapt to new situations. 
Educated:  I possess formal training.
Efficient:  I have very quick turnover time.
Eloquent:  I have strong communication skills.
Energetic: I am able to work long and hard hours.
Enthusiastic:  I put my all into every project.
Flexible:  I am able to adapt my priorities.
Focused:  I am goal-oriented.
Friendly:   I am easy to work with.
Honest:  I value integrity.
Imaginative:  I am inventive in my work process.
Independent:  I need little direction.
Inexperienced:  I am a blank pallet.
Inquisitive:  I am excellent at gathering information.
Insightful:  I can read between the lines.
Intuitive:  I can sense when there is a problem.
Meticulous:  I pay attention to the small details.
Neurotic:  I am a perfectionist.
Open-minded:  I take constructive criticism well.
Opinionated:  I am comfortable voicing opinions.
Organized:  I am a meticulous planner.
Patient:  I am not easily ruffled.
Perceptive:  I can read people effortlessly.
Persuasive:  I am a natural salesperson.
Procedural:  I work best with structure.
Punctual:  I have great time management skills.
Quiet:  I am a great listener. 
Relaxed:  I do not stress easily.
Resourceful:  I use every tool at hand.
Responsible:  I always finish a task on time.
Talkative:  I am comfortable initiating a dialogue.
Technological:  I am industrially savvy.

What are the most common Positive character traits for the workplace? 

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