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In the 1940s Raymond Cattell proposed a model of human individual differences with 16 factors based on a statistical study of responses to personality questionnaires. Cattell's model has never been widely accepted and his statistical analysis that revealed 16 factors has never been successfully replicated, but the test he produced, the 16PF Questionnaire, has been very popular in applied psychology like contexts such as counselling and human resources. This test uses the public domain scales from the International Personality Item Pool that were developed by Lewis Goldberg to be equivalent to the 16PFQ.

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UPSC interview -16PF -Take this before going to Interview-Automated

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The 16PF Personality Questionnaire

Cattell developed an assessment based on these 16 personality factors. The test is known as the 16PF Personality Questionnaire and is still frequently used today, especially in career counselling, marital counselling, and in business for employee testing and selection.

The test is composed of forced-choice questions in which the respondent must choose one of three different alternatives. Personality traits are then represented by a range and the individual's score falls somewhere on the continuum between the highest and lowest extremes. The scores can be interpreted using a number of different systems, depending upon why the test is being used. Some interpretive reports take a clinical approach looking at personality, while others are more focused on topics such as career selection, teamwork development, and leadership potential. A number of studies have supported the test's validity, including its use in career development and personality assessment.

A free version of the 16PF Questionnaire is available online through the Open-Source Psychometrics Project. The test is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice or medical diagnosis. Talk to a mental health provider or career testing service to have a professional administer the test and interpret your results.


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