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Sep 12, 2021 - 15:06

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Astrology purports that astronomical bodies have an influence on people's lives beyond basic weather patterns, depending on their birth date. This claim is scientifically false. Numerous scientific studies have disproven that astronomical bodies affect people's lives according to their birth dates. For instance, Peter Hartmann and his collaborators studied over 4000 individuals and found no correlation between birth date and personality or intelligence.


Proof that Astrology and Astrologers are frauds: 1) Only enlightened sages can foresee the vision and not any tom, dick and harry idiot who is self-proclaimed wanna be cool Astrology expert. Test him out on his Enlightenment, ask him about reading your mind, ask that what word I thought? Ask him did he attained Nirvikalpa Samadhi? Can he put you into the same? Ask does he knows the secret of the universal cosmic consciousness, is he a Brahma Jnani, is he a Raj yogi, has he attained the Prema(Parambhakti)? Test him out in every parameter? He will then and there fail itself, he will run away or argue with deviating the topic or play whataboutery.

2) Play cheap tricks and try to fool the fools, only a idiot comes into his trap which is very easy to catch. You life is based on cause and effect, and everything is dependent on your own karma (your deeds), how does he know you deeds? Another counter is that whatever he had predicted and if dosen't comes to be true, then he lies by saying, "the niyati has changed it's way, that Kala and akala tattva bullshit nonsense playful of words to fool you if it dosen't comes out to be true." Under your nose they are fooling, still people cannot catch their cheap deeds. This reminds me of a child who fools his friends saying I know what will come outcome from a coin the moment it goes in air, and the same child shouts "Head" when it is tossed and when "Tail" comes, he would say, "It was head from god's wish and now it turned it's mood so yes it came tail now." The same way they are fooling you the moment nothing comes true.

3) One of my Friends grandfathers was seriously ill, probably a heart attack I guess, now they consulted the best of the astrologers in the town and abroad, one of them said he would die, the other gave some instructions for escape, the other said it would all right. We have this birth as the life of this mortal coil as apparatus, now how come we have a divergence of thoughts and all? How can there be 4-5 destinies, one or all of them must be liars then who predicts such bogus things.

4) Our life is completely dependent upon our own deeds, what we sow so shall we reap. Good-Good, Bad-Bad and none escape the law. Now how can Astrologers come and break the law, whatever evil one has done one can improve only by his good deeds.

5) Astrology is ANTI-SPIRITUAL and takes you away from practice or Bhakti, Jnana and Yog. How? Because the whole business runs upon the trap of your vasanas of greed and lust: When will I become rich? When I get job? Where is my lovely wife? Am I going to build an empire? How is it that I am going to succeed in this and that? This vasanas of wants and desires are the greatest hindrance to God-realization as they take us away from the divine.

6) Swami Vivekananda said that it is a sign of a weak man selling himself to the slavery of fatalism and capitulation. Don't you feel like dying, like if someone says to you that everything is predetermined,? Won't it be a life full of depression? How can everything be predetermined without the willpower exercised? If it is so, why are you here to do hard work by self-efforts? Where is the willpower to exercise? What to do next?

7) Most of these so-called astrologers have a MacBook with some software of generic instructions which will repeat something philosophical which you yourself know about like “Work really hard and you'll gain what you want.” Seriously? Anyone who is successful will say you the same. It's a science anyone knows and it's true. “Be careful of the people around, and cut off the impostors as they may be your foe.” Haha!…… And lastly their predictions 2% accuracy. That too they play with psychology, if they something optimistic, you will hypnotise with good things and finally that might or not come and then you will think, Jadoo, Magic re baba Magic… ???? That's basic psychology you idiot, it's a universal law, even Buddha said it, “what you think, that you become.”—Buddha

8) Spirituality is real, for it uplifts you and makes you witness the real truth, whereas Astrology is false as it fools you by cheap tricks just to cheat you, don't fall for it.

9) Last and most convincing counterargument: Where are these astrologers while recruitment of anything big or special? Say if these people are so talented enough to foresee the future then why don't they do challenge the cricket team and start recruiting on their predictions of Kundalini? The player who will have a century in his life will be in and who won't be out, by doing so our Indian team will be unconquerable, with 1100 runs for every match. Same for all the organisations for both private and public. By doing so the whole world will be at the next level of development and everything will be like magic. Isn't it so? But where do they hide their faces in serious matters? Why do they only cheat the innocents who are worried about their life by snatching their hard-earned money by a game of “fear”. Also, mind that none of the Astrologers has given an exact date when we would have vaccine invented the first time, when will this corona eradicate, when and how can we escape from it? None I say none have given, even if some might have spoken about this topic, almost all predictions were fallible.

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