Birth place of Guru Ravidass- interesting & Unbelivable Facts

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The unique contribution of the Dera Sach Khand Ballan is that it has built a magnificent temple at the Birthplace of Shri Guru Ravidass Ji at Seer Goverdhanpur Varanasi U.P. Now this Janam Asthan Mandir has acquired the status of Ultimate Place of Pilgrimage for the Ravidassia community.

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Every year they gather in Millions on the occasion of Shri Guru Ravidass Ji's Birthday. Now it is a desire of the whole Ravidassia community to bedeck this Mandir with gold so that it acquires the status which the religious headquarters of any community deserves. Maharaj Sarwan Dass Ji, Maharaj Hari Dass Ji and Maharaj Garib Dass Ji planned for the Development of The Shri Guru Ravidass Janam Asthan Mandir, Varanasi (U.P)

Maharaj Sarwan Dass ji sent Sant Hari Dass ji for laying the foundation stone for the construction of a Mandir at this site. The foundation stone was laid on the 14th. June 1965 (on Ashad Sankranti) by Shri 108 Sant Hari Dass Ji. After as soon as the foundation stone was laid no time was lost in starting the construction of the Mandir in full swing. Sant Sarwan Dass Ji assigned the duty of construction work to Sant Hari Dass Ji and Sant Garib Dass Ji, who along with large "Jathas" (groups of people) of Dera "Sewadars" worked in the most difficult and unfavourable conditions to complete the construction

In Shri Guru Ravidass Janam Asthan Mandir, Moorti ( Pratima, statues ) of Jagatguru Ravidass Maharaj and Sant Sarwan Dass were installed after a Big Sant Samelan (Religious Programme) on 22 February 1974

At top of this 7 Storey Level Mandir one big cupola (Guband) and 7 Feet Height Gold Urn (Kalash) was inaugurated on Dt: 7th April 1994 by Babu Kanshi Ram Ji ( BSPA Leader )

A Good Accommodation is provided, with all the required facilities for a comfortable stay For the Devotees of Guru Ravdiass Ji and Tourists.

At Lanka Choraha Varanasi one Gate was Built on the name of Shri Guru Ravidass Ji By the Contribution of Shri 108 Sant Sarwan Dass Charitable Trust, U.K (Regd.) and it was inaugurated by contemporaneous (Tatkaleen) Excellency President Shri K. R. Narayanan on Dt: 16 July 1998 after this inauguration respected President was visited at Shri Guru Ravidass Janam Asthan Mandir to pay tribute to Guru Ravidass Ji, that time the Chairman of Shri Guru Ravidass Janam Asthan Public Charitable Trust and other members of the Trust were present to welcome Excellency president, after paying tribute in the temple, Excellency president did conversation on History of the temple and its management.

With deep pride and prestige every year the Guru Ravidass Jayanti ( Parkash Parv ) is Celebrated under the management of Trust. During this event devotees / Sangat come to pay tribute to Guru Ravidass Ji from every nook and corner of the world.

with the help of Trust on 2000, 2001, 2002, 16 February 2003, 6 February 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009,2010 and 2011 at Guru Ravidass Jayanti from Punjab many devotees went to pay tribute to the temple and Railway Department and with the help Govt. of India Jalandhar to Varanasi a Special Train facility was provided on the name "Begumpura Express" which is continuously provided every year.

On the Occasion of 625th Shri Guru Ravidass Jayanti, the wall ahead of Temple was modified with marble with nearly 25Lakh cost by the help of Trust, in Temple all Small and Big 31 cupolas (Guband) were beautifully installed with Gold Urn (Kalash)

In this Temple ( Ravidass Mandir) Langar (holy food, is a community kitchen run in the name of the Guru Ravidass Ji ) is open all time.

On the occasion of 633th Shri Guru Ravidass Jayanti cupolas (Guband) was covered by Gold and also the Declaration was made of New Religion " Ravidassia " and released " Amrit Bani Satguru Ravidass Maharaj Ji" for the sake of mankind it was declared by Sant Samaj and Lacks of other Devotees was present on this event.

Shri Guru Ravidass Janam Asthan Mandir is being managed by
Shri Guru Ravidass Janam Asthan Public Charitable Trust, Seer Goverdhanpur, Varanasi (U.P.)

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