Easy way to understand the Differences Between ISLAM & JUDAISM: the israel and Hamas ?

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Differences between ISLAM and Judaism 

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The religion of Judaism and Islam are known to have some striking similarities including the lineage of prophets certain acts that are forbidden and the belief in one god however there are some big differences that can be found in these religions. 

From The Creator:-   hey guys welcome back to FTD facts my name is Leroy Kenton and this episode is actually intended to clear up any confusion or understanding of certain concepts and beliefs and encourage understanding of these two religions so let's begin we're counting down from 10 to number 1. 

at number 10 we have the name of the religion when it comes to Islam Islam is an Arabic word meaning submission and in the religious context, it means submission to the will of god Islam is derived from an Arabic word literally meaning peace now for Judaism the word can be broken down as Judah ism the English term jew or Judah originates in the biblical Hebrew word Yehudi meaning from the kingdom of Judah or in a more religious sense worshipper of one god. 

moving on to number nine their holy book it's a big difference here for Judaism the Hebrew scripture is referred to by the Christians as the old testament are called the Tanakh which is a Hebrew acronym for the three different parts and it's divided up like this there's the Torah which is the first five books of the old testament or the Pentateuch then there are the nevi in which are the books of the prophets and then the Ketuvim which refers to the writings when it comes to Islam the source of all authority in Islam is the Quran Muslims believe that it is the verbatim word of god who they refer to as Allah and god dictated this to Muhammad the prophet in the Arabic language the Quran is divided up now into chapters or surahs and the Quran contains 114 surahs and the surahs are further divided into verses called ayas

next up we have other traditions for Islam there is the hadith which is a collection of traditions and sayings of the prophet Muhammad and the hadith actually functions as a supplement to the Quran giving guidance to Muslims for daily living

Judaism has the Talmud which is an oral tradition that explains and interprets the Tanakh it includes the Mishnah which is a code of Jewish law

the next difference is a difference in prayer when it comes to Islam there are five daily obligatory prayers that form the second pillar of Islam and it's observed five times a day at certain prescribed times and we have the fajr which is observed at dawn the super prayer is done at noon then there's the aster prayer which is done in the afternoon the maghrib prayer is observed at dusk and the isha prayer is observed after sunset now in Judaism jews are actually supposed to pray three times a day morning afternoon and evening there is also a Jewish prayer book

it is known as the siddur and it actually has special services that are set down for this praying regularly helps a person get better at building their relationship with their god there's also a massive difference when it comes to the population of Muslims and jews

so let's look at Islam first it's estimated that there's 1.8 billion or closer to 2 billion by some estimates Muslims in the world and when you calculate that that's more than 24 of the world's total population who identify as Muslim Islam is the official religion in 26 countries in Asia sub-Saharan Africa north Africa and the middle east Islam is also growing faster than any other religion in the entire world and when it comes to Judaism the world population is a lot smaller the population of jews stands at 14.7 million according to a report by Israel central bureau of statistics the world Jewish population reached a total of 16.6 million but this was right before the start of world war ii back in the year 1939

so the Jewish population has dipped since then all right guys so we looked at five differences between Islam and Judaism we have five more to look at but before we get into the last five just gotta let you know of our video of the ten similarities between Islam and Judaism.

Continuing to number five we have mary in Islam mary or Miriam receives a lot of admiration and is a very significant person she's said by the prophet Muhammad to be one of the four best women that god has ever created there's even a surah or chapter in the Quran called Miriam which is dedicated to mary sure Miriam is the 19th chapter of the Quran and it contains 98 ayahs or verses and

when it comes to Judaism the belief in mary actually does not apply to the religion at all she plays no role in the Jewish tradition or religion other than historically they would acknowledge that someone named mary did in fact exist but while we're looking at the difference in mary

let's also look at the differences in Jesus in Judaism Jesus is not viewed as the messiah nor the virgin birth is acknowledged this is largely due to the belief that Jesus if he ever existed according to Jewish belief didn't fulfil the scriptural requirements that the messiah was supposed to fulfil and for some jews more recently though they have adopted the belief that Jesus was simply a good Jewish teacher in Islam the belief in Jesus is much different Islam though similar to Judaism does not teach that Jesus was divine or that he died for the sins of the world

however, in Islam Jesus is identified as the messiah well as his virgin birth is mentioned in the Quran and Jesus is also regarded as one of the mightiest messengers of God and did many miracles among his people number three brings us the differences in this sabbath when it comes to Islam the Quran affirms that Jews are supposed to observe the sabbath and god however ordered Muslims to make every effort to drop all of their business and attend the congregational Friday prayer Muslims can also then go and continue on their regular activity for the rest of the day and

this is actually referenced in the Quran surah 62 verses 9 but in Judaism, the Jewish sabbath or Shabbat from the Hebrew word chavette which means to rest is observed throughout the year on the seventh day of each week Saturday according to biblical tradition the sabbath commemorates the original seventh day on which God rested after creating the earth now the sabbath is a day of rest for the jews and its observance begins on Friday sunset up until Saturday sunset.

Number two brings us another huge difference who was the son that was to be sacrificed in Judaism they teach that at some point in Isaac's youth his father Abraham took him to Mount Moriah and at god's command Abraham was to build a sacrificial altar and sacrifice his son Isaac on the altar but after he tied up his son and the altar was ready he was ready to draw the knife to kill his son,

But at the last moment, there was an angel from God that prevented Abraham from doing so and instead he was then directed to sacrifice a nearby ram that was stuck in the bushes but in Islam, the story goes a bit different Muslims hold the belief that Abraham was told to sacrifice his son Ismail also known as Ishmael although the Quran does not actually mention the name of the son to be sacrificed and as it goes as Abraham attempts to slay Ishmael or Ismail an angel appears to prevent the death and God tells Abraham that he has fulfilled the command.

And finally, we made it to number one the biggest difference in this episode when it comes to Judaism and Islam and this is the status of their religion so let's look at Judaism first Jewish people believe that there is only one God who has established a covenant or special agreement with them and their god communicates to believers through prophets and rewards good deeds

while also punishing evil deeds most jews with the exception of certain groups believe that their messiah still has not come yet but one day he will come to Judaism does not believe that other people must adopt their own religious beliefs and practices in order to be redeemed they believe that it is by your deeds not by the creed that you're judged when it comes to this in Islam through the status of their religion well the Quran refers to Islam as the religion of Abraham Jacob Moses Jesus as well as all the other prophets and it's simply the last of the divine messages to reach humankind through the prophet Muhammad who was chosen by god

as the bearer of this final revelation it's an all-encompassing revelation for the entire world not just for the Muslims now conversion by Muslims to other faiths is actually forbidden under most interpretations of sharia law and converts are considered apostates now non-muslims however are allowed to convert into Islam

so there you have it guys, this was a look at the 10 biggest differences between Islam and Judaism.

really hope this video was insightful and eye-opening and taught you a little bit more about these two great religions definitely let me know your thoughts and comments down below also

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