How should I start my UPSC preparation as a beginner during 3 years of graduation ?

Nov 20, 2020 - 22:52
Nov 20, 2020 - 22:54
How should I start my UPSC preparation as a beginner during 3 years of graduation ?
Answer Written By Sri. Santhosh Kumar Athaluri  From QUORA

First Of All All the Best For Your Early Choice,

SO Now Make it Clear, and Make Sure That, your UPSC choice as Essential, and Desire,

If your UPSC choice is like, as, Not A try Its Do or Die, Then You will find urself,

Learn the difference Between

Motivation and Inspiration.

Are You Motivated Or Inspired?

in My View,

Motivation is External, and Inspiration Is Internal,

This Answer itself is a Motivation, But but when You Find the Real Meaning In it This Motivation may be Turned into Inspiration by your soul ( the Soul if it is really Wanted The THING [ here in your case the “thing” is UPSC].

Most Important Thing ‘ Simply Avoid All environment which makes you diverted‘ .

Start By Following websites like , some unacademy , insightsias, iasbaba,

If you are looking For Cheapest and Different Kind of Learning Style and is prefered, but these are Self Styled, Not Spoon feeders,


For getting Real knowledge to follow these,

Try to get in contact with some Journalists and Reporters, and Some political Strategists, and Start having a talk with them on a regular Basis (NOTE: Don’t be biased, ).

Try To Get in Touch with Some victims, and or lawers, retd. employees, Start a discussion on Govt policies, rules, Service issues, like CPS, OPS..etc) (NOTE: Don’t be Polarised )

Try To Get in touch with Student Leaders, like ABVP and SFI and Start Discussion reg. EDU policies, Issues, Protests, and police actions, survivals against law and order actions, punishments, settlements. ( NOTE: Don’t be Diverted, and Don’t Be Motivated with Their talks, just Play A Neutral ROle .)

Try To get in touch with farmers, Strat Discussion with reg. crops types, fertilizers, pesticides, and Social Issues related to Them, Profits and Loss calculations, ..etc. (NOTE: Be neutral,)

make a Chart on Your Wall, and Try To add Daily two Topics in your grids, and Brain itself,

Learn Complete Syllabus of your Present Degree, without missing a single topic, i.e. Don't study for marks or pass. But Read and understand for Accuracy and knowledge.

Don’t involve in any kind of anti-social events or activities.

Don’t Get Addicted to any kind of Narcos,

Stress Yes You May Feel Stress, irritation, anger, laziness, but

remember one thing, ( the Inspiration which you decided in starting of this post, make a sticker in our wall ( heart wall) as well as make a Poster on your Room Wall.

( Saala Chodna Math - Chodegatho Chuthiya banjayegaa thu ) ,

and follow some websites like Police the celebrity in MDN NEWS - News & Education ( there may be diverted topics but, this site is running by some True revolutionists and UPSC aspirants, they are running for Not for Profit, of course, it is a starter,.you can also Contribute Articles to this Site for free of cost, )

for Affordable coaching materials like say example similarly like mobile recharge type, 200 RS per month, and in the case of 500 per year and along with different packages, up to 6000 per year, ,

if you look for something regular, other sites and coaching centres, they may costs you 50000 rs to 130000 per year, of course, their standard is different, most of them run or guided by Toppers,

Don’t think too much, don’t look for Everything at a time, make one choice, Stick to limited Book Sources,

All the best, Hope See you Soon as an IAS or IPS officer,

I hope my experiences are enough to answer this question.


UPSC is made by Humans, Not By GODS,

there is a slogan from the website [ “Neither Gods Nor Devils It’s Us” ]

All the best, Hope See you Soon as an IAS or IPS officer,

I hope my experiences are enough to answer this question.

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