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Jan 3, 2021 - 15:44
Jan 3, 2021 - 16:14
List of Spacecrafts
SN Name Launch Date Launch Vehicle Orbit Type Application Remarks
111 CMS-01 17-Dec-20 PSLV-C50/CMS-01 GSO Communication  
110 EOS-01 7-Nov-20 PSLV-C49/EOS-01 LEO Disaster Management System, Earth Observation  
109 GSAT-30 17-Jan-20 Ariane-5 VA-251 GSO Communication  
108 RISAT-2BR1 11-Dec-19 PSLV-C48/RISAT-2BR1 LEO Disaster Management System, Earth Observation  
107 Cartosat-3 27-Nov-19 PSLV-C47 / Cartosat-3 Mission SSPO Earth Observation  
106 Chandrayaan2 22-Jul-19 GSLV-Mk III - M1 / Chandrayaan-2 Mission Lunar Planetary Observation  
105 RISAT-2B 22-May-19 PSLV-C46 Mission LEO Disaster Management System, Earth Observation  
103 GSAT-31 6-Feb-19 Ariane-5 VA-247 GTO Communication  
102 Microsat-R 24-Jan-19 PSLV-C44 SSPO    
101 GSAT-7A 19-Dec-18 GSLV-F11 / GSAT-7A Mission   Communication  
100 GSAT-11 Mission 5-Dec-18 Ariane-5 VA-246 GTO Communication  
99 HysIS 29-Nov-18 PSLV-C43 / HysIS Mission SSPO Earth Observation  
98 GSAT-29 14-Nov-18 GSLV Mk III-D2 / GSAT-29 Mission GTO Communication  
97 IRNSS-1I 12-Apr-18 PSLV-C41/IRNSS-1I GSO Navigation  
96 GSAT-6A 29-Mar-18 GSLV-F08/GSAT-6A Mission GSO Communication  
95 Cartosat-2 Series Satellite 12-Jan-18 PSLV-C40/Cartosat-2 Series Satellite Mission SSPO Earth Observation  
94 INS-1C 12-Jan-18 PSLV-C40/Cartosat-2 Series Satellite Mission SSPO Experimental  
93 Microsat 12-Jan-18 PSLV-C40/Cartosat-2 Series Satellite Mission SSPO Experimental  
92 IRNSS-1H 31-Aug-17 PSLV-C39/IRNSS-1H Mission   Navigation Launch Unsuccessful
91 GSAT-17 29-Jun-17 Ariane-5 VA-238 GTO Communication  
90 Cartosat-2 Series Satellite 23-Jun-17 PSLV-C38 / Cartosat-2 Series Satellite SSPO Earth Observation  
89 GSAT-19 5-Jun-17 GSLV Mk III-D1/GSAT-19 Mission GSO Communication  
88 GSAT-9 5-May-17 GSLV-F09 / GSAT-9 GSO Communication  
87 INS-1A 15-Feb-17 PSLV-C37 / Cartosat -2 Series Satellite SSPO Experimental  
86 INS-1B 15-Feb-17 PSLV-C37 / Cartosat -2 Series Satellite SSPO Experimental  
85 Cartosat -2 Series Satellite 15-Feb-17 PSLV-C37 / Cartosat -2 Series Satellite SSPO Earth Observation  
84 RESOURCESAT-2A 7-Dec-16 PSLV-C36 / RESOURCESAT-2A SSPO Earth Observation  
83 GSAT-18 6-Oct-16 Ariane-5 VA-231 GSO Communication  
82 SCATSAT-1 26-Sep-16 PSLV-C35 / SCATSAT-1 SSPO Climate & Environment  
81 INSAT-3DR 8-Sep-16 GSLV-F05 / INSAT-3DR GSO Climate & Environment, Disaster Management System  
80 CARTOSAT-2 Series Satellite 22-Jun-16 PSLV-C34 / CARTOSAT-2 Series Satellite SSPO Earth Observation  
79 IRNSS-1G 28-Apr-16 PSLV-C33/IRNSS-1G GEO Navigation  
78 IRNSS-1F 10-Mar-16 PSLV-C32/IRNSS-1F GEO Navigation  
77 IRNSS-1E 20-Jan-16 PSLV-C31/IRNSS-1E GSO Navigation  
76 GSAT-15 11-Nov-15 Ariane-5 VA-227 GEO Communication, Navigation  
75 Astrosat 28-Sep-15 PSLV-C30/AstroSat MISSION   Space Science  
74 GSAT-6 27-Aug-15 GSLV-D6 GTO Communication  
73 IRNSS-1D 28-Mar-15 PSLV-C27/IRNSS-1D GSO Navigation  
72 Crew module Atmospheric Re-entry Experiment (CARE) 18-Dec-14 LVM-3/CARE Mission   Experimental  
71 GSAT-16 7-Dec-14 Ariane-5 VA-221 GSO Communication  
70 IRNSS-1C 16-Oct-14 PSLV-C26/IRNSS-1C GEO Navigation  
69 IRNSS-1B 4-Apr-14 PSLV-C24/IRNSS-1B GSO Navigation  
68 GSAT-14 5-Jan-14 GSLV-D5/GSAT-14 GSO Communication  
67 Mars Orbiter Mission Spacecraft 5-Nov-13 PSLV-C25 Martian Planetary Observation  
66 GSAT-7 30-Aug-13 Ariane-5 VA-215 GSO Communication  
65 INSAT-3D 26-Jul-13 Ariane-5 VA-214 GSO Climate & Environment, Disaster Management System  
64 IRNSS-1A 1-Jul-13 PSLV-C22/IRNSS-1A GSO Navigation  
63 SARAL 25-Feb-13 PSLV-C20/SARAL SSPO Climate & Environment, Earth Observation  
62 GSAT-10 29-Sep-12 Ariane-5 VA-209 GEO Communication, Navigation  
61 RISAT-1 26-Apr-12 PSLV-C19/RISAT-1 SSPO Earth Observation  
60 Megha-Tropiques 12-Oct-11 PSLV-C18/Megha-Tropiques SSPO Climate & Environment, Earth Observation  
59 GSAT-12 15-Jul-11 PSLV-C17/GSAT-12 GSO Communication  
58 GSAT-8 21-May-11 Ariane-5 VA-202 GEO Communication, Navigation  
57 RESOURCESAT-2 20-Apr-11 PSLV-C16/RESOURCESAT-2 SSPO Earth Observation  
56 YOUTHSAT 20-Apr-11 PSLV-C16/RESOURCESAT-2 SSPO Student Satellite  
55 GSAT-5P 25-Dec-10 GSLV-F06 / GSAT-5P GSO Communication Launch Unsuccessful
54 CARTOSAT-2B 12-Jul-10 PSLV-C15/CARTOSAT-2B SSPO Earth Observation  
53 GSAT-4 15-Apr-10 GSLV-D3 / GSAT-4 GSO Communication Launch Unsuccessful
52 Oceansat-2 23-Sep-09 PSLV-C14 / OCEANSAT-2 SSPO Climate & Environment, Earth Observation  
51 RISAT-2 20-Apr-09 PSLV-C12 / RISAT-2 SSPO Earth Observation  
50 Chandrayaan-1 22-Oct-08 PSLV-C11 Lunar Planetary Observation  
49 IMS-1 28-Apr-08 PSLV-C9 / CARTOSAT – 2A SSPO Earth Observation  
48 CARTOSAT – 2A 28-Apr-08 PSLV-C9 / CARTOSAT – 2A SSPO Earth Observation  
47 INSAT-4CR 2-Sep-07 GSLV-F04 / INSAT-4CR GSO Communication  
46 INSAT-4B 12-Mar-07 Ariane5 GSO Communication  
45 SRE-1 10-Jan-07 PSLV-C7 / CARTOSAT-2 / SRE-1 SSPO Experimental  
44 CARTOSAT-2 10-Jan-07 PSLV-C7 / CARTOSAT-2 / SRE-1 SSPO Earth Observation  
43 INSAT-4C 10-Jul-06 GSLV-F02 / INSAT-4C GSO Communication Launch Unsuccessful
42 INSAT-4A 22-Dec-05 Ariane5-V169 GSO Communication  
41 CARTOSAT-1 5-May-05 PSLV-C6/CARTOSAT-1/HAMSAT SSPO Earth Observation  
40 HAMSAT 5-May-05 PSLV-C6/CARTOSAT-1/HAMSAT SSPO Communication  
39 EDUSAT 20-Sep-04 GSLV-F01 / EDUSAT(GSAT-3) GSO Communication  
38 IRS-P6 / RESOURCESAT-1 17-Oct-03 PSLV-C5 /RESOURCESAT-1 SSPO Earth Observation  
37 INSAT-3E 28-Sep-03 Ariane5-V162 GSO Communication  
36 GSAT-2 8-May-03 GSLV-D2 / GSAT-2 GSO Communication  
35 INSAT-3A 10-Apr-03 Ariane5-V160 GSO Climate & Environment, Communication  
34 KALPANA-1 12-Sep-02 PSLV-C4 /KALPANA-1 GSO Climate & Environment, Communication  
33 INSAT-3C 24-Jan-02 Ariane5-V147 GSO Climate & Environment, Communication  
32 The Technology Experiment Satellite (TES) 22-Oct-01 PSLV-C3 / TES SSPO Earth Observation  
31 GSAT-1 18-Apr-01 GSLV-D1 / GSAT-1 GSO Communication  
30 INSAT-3B 22-Mar-00 Ariane-5G GSO Communication  
29 Oceansat(IRS-P4) 26-May-99 PSLV-C2/IRS-P4 SSPO Earth Observation  
28 INSAT-2E 3-Apr-99 Ariane-42P H10-3 GSO Communication  
27 IRS-1D 29-Sep-97 PSLV-C1 / IRS-1D SSPO Earth Observation  
26 INSAT-2D 4-Jun-97 Ariane-44L H10-3 GSO Communication Failed in Orbit
25 IRS-P3 21-Mar-96 PSLV-D3 / IRS-P3 SSPO Earth Observation  
24 IRS-1C 28-Dec-95 Molniya SSPO Earth Observation  
23 INSAT-2C 7-Dec-95 Ariane-44L H10-3 GSO Communication  
22 IRS-P2 15-Oct-94 PSLV-D2 SSPO Earth Observation  
21 SROSS-C2 4-May-94 ASLV-D4   Experimental  
20 IRS-1E 20-Sep-93 PSLV-D1 LEO Earth Observation Launch Unsuccessful
19 INSAT-2B 23-Jul-93 Ariane-44L H10+ GSO Communication  
18 INSAT-2A 10-Jul-92 Ariane-44L H10 GSO Communication  
17 SROSS-C 20-May-92 ASLV-D3   Experimental  
16 IRS-1B 29-Aug-91 Vostok SSPO Earth Observation  
15 INSAT-1D 12-Jun-90 Delta 4925 GSO Communication  
14 INSAT-1C 22-Jul-88 Ariane-3 GSO Communication Partial Failure in Orbit
13 SROSS-2 13-Jul-88 ASLV-D2   Earth Observation, Experimental Launch Unsuccessful
12 IRS-1A 17-Mar-88 Vostok SSPO Earth Observation  
11 SROSS-1 24-Mar-87 ASLV-D1   Experimental Launch Unsuccessful
10 INSAT-1B 30-Aug-83 Shuttle [PAM-D] GSO Communication  
9 Rohini Satellite RS-D2 17-Apr-83 SLV-3 LEO Earth Observation  
8 INSAT-1A 10-Apr-82 Delta GSO Communication Failed in Orbit
7 Bhaskara-II 20-Nov-81 C-1 Intercosmos LEO Earth Observation, Experimental  
6 APPLE 19-Jun-81 Ariane -1(V-3) GSO Communication, Experimental  
5 Rohini Satellite RS-D1 31-May-81 SLV-3D1 LEO Earth Observation  
4 Rohini Satellite RS-1 18-Jul-80 SLV-3E2      
3 Rohini Technology Payload (RTP) 10-Aug-79 SLV-3E1     Launch Unsuccessful
2 Bhaskara-I 7-Jun-79 C-1Intercosmos LEO Earth Observation, Experimental  
1 Aryabhata 19-Apr-75 C-1 Intercosmos   Experimental  

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